Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little progress in the garden

It is possible that the waiting is coming to an end.  Tomatoes are ripening, regardless of the long, foggy mornings.  Some are cracked, some are not living up to their names, but there is fruit, and it is turning to color now.  No more complaining, they're doing it.

Golly.  Sorry about the blur.  I have said this before, but once again I note: clean camera.  These have my favorite name:  Purple Smudge.

Whee!  Sunflowers.  As I was standing there, the Honeybees were coming in with dexterity, sure aim, and festive buzzing.

And loading pollen with aplomb?  I love Honeybees.

They are in the squash blossoms, too.  

Look!  It's working!  The first Cinderella Pumpkin to set; I believe she is settling as I am crawling around under her broad, green leaves.  Look at the light glowing from within, as the magical pollination celebrates life.

I had better find my Hafiz!
He would like this.


Ms. Moon said...

My goodness! (And yours, too.) We're about to plant our fall tomatoes.
That picture of the bee in the squash blossom? Perfection.

Merry ME said...


Bethany said...

yay!!! So happy, mine too. Finally.
I love your photos. Esp the first sunflower one. I want to print and frame it. Such joy. Oh and the bee through the thin yellow of the squash flower. Wonderful.
Thanks for this post.
It made me smile wide.

Elizabeth said...

Your photos are almost edible! Or perhaps I could pick those sunflowers off the page and plop them in a vase on my desk.

Enjoy the fruits of harvest!

Sorrow said...

Mine garden is looking heavenward and waiting for rain..

Jendocino said...

The bee showing through the translucent squash blossom is happiness, happiness, happiness! I'm glad you're getting tomatoes. Lucky! Around here, lots of people still got nothin. And those sunflowers are simply divine. Joy on a stem! Have a wonderful day, Swallowtail. Your photos brightened my day immensely, as always.

N2 said...

Glad to see your purple smudge are plumping up and turning orange! How are things doing down south of you? We were warm, but have turned foggy up on Whidbey Island. Keeses! N2

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