Friday, May 28, 2010

Thinking and Doing Outside the Box

Earth would die
If the sun stopped kissing her.


There is blue sky and sweet breeze this morning.  What a treat to see the grass springing back up after days of deluge.  The Lake is filled to the brim again, the river swollen and gray-brown.  This weekend is the beginning of summer.  Already I see campers and RV's wending their way on our back roads.  Moments ago a long line of Harleys roared by, though I never caught a glimpse of them.  It's nice.  Luna and Emerson raced and swam and wrestled and chased until Luna quit, an unheard of event!  She tossed the ball aside, "I quit."  And then trotted under the fence and went down and threw herself in the water to cool down.  Fun to watch Emerson wear her out, since she wore Pie out every single trip to the Lake.  She has perfected a technique of near-drowning the pup:  she beats him to the ball, he swims like an automated porpoise to catch her and snatches the ball right out of her mouth, she snatches it back and swims over the top of him, he goes under and when he pops back up, she pushes him back under, even grabbing his ear and pushing him under.  I watched her do this at least three times.  When he cries out, she lets him go.  In her way, it appears that she is "showing" him to knock off bugging her, and it appeared to work.

I did mention to her that it is not okay to drown Emerson.  Regardless of his annoying puppydumb.

The horizon is a fascinating line:  The space and time between our planet and the infinite void is a tender line.  Our atmosphere, which makes possible our existence is very thin and fragile, which mirrors life, I suppose.  Weeks back I launched into a mind/body-boggling depression, the likes of which I have witnessed in others but never had known myself.  Many women, including friends and clients, experienced a similar event in their lives.  Looking back, I see that most of this coincided with the ecological disaster happening in the Gulf of Mexico of the out-of-control catastrophe of oil spewing forth from the destroyed well at the bottom of the sea.  Regardless of political persuasion, we are all breathing the same air, living in human bodies which are all connected to the Mother and to one another. As our Earth fares, so do we.

Regardless of culture, language, anger, opinions, mistakes, greed, or preference, as humans we are responsible for this mess.  As usual, it is going to take setting aside personal everything to clean it up.

(I cannot make this link work; I found it by googling "Gulf of Mexico oil spill photos..."  The photos are profound.)

And, I do not know what to DO.  This is of such magnitude, that it has never been done before.  No one knows what to do.  The dire consequences are here, today.  No more going on about what-if, or my opinion is more important than yours, or good science or bad science, or touchy-feely or tough love.

The time is now, to do something different.  Something that has never been done before:  Co-operate.  Put the brilliance of the human spirit to work for the good of the whole, wide world.

Start maybe, by parking the vehicle.  Shine up the bicycle, lace up the shoes.  Stop spraying petroleum based crap on the flowers, roadsides and gardens.  Enjoy a brown lawn in the summer, since grass is always golden when it ripens.  Leave lights off during daylight hours.  "Living simply" means turning appliances off, walking, talking to one's neighbors.  Obviously it means lots more than I am going to list.
It's just time to start.  Start.  Right now.



AkasaWolfSong said...

I truly 'hear' what you are heart just hurts for Mother Earth...her life blood being spilled more and more with each passing moment and all anyone can think of is the blame game and who is going to fix it and pay for it? It boggles the mind. Especially when so many are standing and waiting to help.

I do not go anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary for my survival and because of that my 'gas usage' is waay down. I cannot bicycle due to health reasons but if I could I certainly would. I do my part at home to conserve where I am able. It is long past time for us humans to reduce our footprints on Terra Firma.
I know I pray more and more with each passing day.
This is the great lesson of the Piscean age.
I read a wonderful blog this morning about this subject...the addy is:
if you get a chance do go over and read it and I am headed to read your link as well.
I think what we are feeling, this sadness and overwhelm is what everyone collectively is feeling on the planet now. Now if we can just do something as you say!
On a lighter note, I have such a wonderful visual of your Luna and Emerson at gives me a good feeling and those are memories worth keeping aren't they?
I do hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.
Blessings on the Gentle Winds To You!

Merry ME said...

I commented on a blog recently and I have to fess up I don't know whose or where. If this is a repeat please forgive my failing memory.

There was a PBS show on recently that showed not only what happened to Mt. St. Helens when she blew her top, but what happened to the area around her. I saw the mountain not long after the volcano stopped smoking and it looked what I can only imagine the future will look like if we humans don't get our collective acts together.

What was perfectly amazing about the show was what Mtr. Nature can do to heal herself if left alone. It was awesome to see the life coming back to the pumis field, the lake cleaning itself up, flowers beginning to bloom and elk following the grass.

I don't know that the same would be true of an oil slick. It seems so awful what can we do but wring our hands? Well it sounds like you've got some good answers.

WHen all else fails watching Emerson and Luna frolic has got to at least lift your spirits.

Maybe some of your depression had something to do with the retrograde Mercury. I really don't know what that means but a friend said it could cause all sorts emotional upheavals. Sounded like as good an excuse to feel bad as any!

Friko said...

You started out so peacefully and then you dropped me right in the misery we humans create here on our earth with its finite resources.


Bimbimbie said...

Whenever I hear of man made disasters the more breathtaking arrogant I think man is to even think about looking to space for a new home.

Thanks for the canine smiles :)

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