Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beauty, Mother's Day and who knows what all.

A blithe heart makes a blooming visage.   From Grannies' Remedies

We arrived at the Russian River Rose Garden in a downpour.  No; I have no umbrella, because I live in Sunny California, and besides, the dogs chewed them to smithereens.  We sat in Dev's car while the shower pounded itself to the finish.  Really, it was quite beautiful, as you can see.

This rose is called "Butterscotch."  It is not of this earth: not pink, not yellow, not any color one would expect of a rose.

A few of my kids.  These smiles sustain me, inspire me, encourage me, delight me.  There is no thing on this planet that holds more beauty than these amazing people.  And look, no one is pinching or jabbing or growling in this moment!  That Rebekah #1 Granddaughter is soon to be 12!  And Mary Alice just turned 9, AND ran the 10K Human Race in 1 hour, 6 minutes, which landed her 3rd in her division!  Wow.

Because of the rain the flowers were adorned with spectacular jewel-like raindrops.  It was breathtaking to see, and startling when I brought the images up on the computer.  My goodness!  Miracles abound when we think we see them.  Imagine what is going on unbeknownst to us!

Hello, Mr. Carr.  I like the white in your hair!  When I take a picture of him, the background shows things of a higher level, like the top of the rose arbor.

I just had to take some Iris photos.  At the Rose Gardens they have many heirloom Iris, in colors that enchant.  I looooooooove pink and red.

Not knowing who this couple is, I just loved watching them walk under their umbrella.  Something very very very romantic, I guess, and fortunately I remembered in time to catch them in my camera.

You know, it is a very loving thing to take your beloved somewhere that honors their sense of beauty which honors your sense of beauty.

These are the RRR sentries.  I am supposing that the grey one on the right is still a cat, though it appears as though her trip to dream-land has shape-shifted her somewhat.

Yes, those are little orange hearts, cut out of candied mango(something indescribable, let me assure you), swimming on waves of whipped cream.  Passion fruit Bavarian Cream Tart.  Ahhhhhhhh.

No conversation concerning Mother's day would be complete without mention of my little Mother, MCP.  Her roses were spectacular.  She had many many many of them, and knew each one by name.  Out at the Rose Garden we found a "Mr. Lincoln," one of her favorites.  She grumbled about the Ferndale Fog messing with her roses, but to the rest of us it didn't matter.  This rose is one which I dug up out of her garden.  This year it loved the long, cool and wet spring, and put up two perfect blooms for us to enjoy.  It lives by the corner of the chicken ranchero, so must feel right at home with the three hens right there every day.

Mother's Day is past now.  Those of us who have born a child know that every day is Mother's Day.  Even when our children are having children every day is still Mother's Day.  Personally, being daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, cousin, sister and being friends with all of those imbues me with a sense of connection.  Sometimes we make jokes, "Omigoddess, I have become my mother!" and the truth seems to be that we do become some form of our Mother, the one who taught us how to survive.  While I spent perhaps too much of my time here on earth struggling with Mom's alcoholism, it is very apparent that I learned very important lessons through her.
  1. Plant a rose to ease heartbreak.  It will bloom with you as you heal and prosper through the coming years.
  2. Indulge your passion for color.  This will foster a life time of creative expression.
  3. Cook delicious desserts.  Daily if need be.  Give them away.  This will insure a life of sweet relationships, and will charm the socks off of every man, woman and child within miles.
  4. Buy seeds year 'round.  This too, nurtures creative expression.
  5. Keep chickens in your back yard.  This provides eggs for the desserts, and a chore to center you square in your day every morning.
  6. Coffee is an essential food group, as is butter.  Yes, goes with the desserts.
  7. Love your kids.  Save your tears for the other room, laugh with them.  Now.
  8. Love your family, even when you feel grumpy, or hurt, or scandalous.  This builds character.
  9. Use your manners, and sit/stand up straight.
  10. Let some one else answer the phone.
Okay.  Now I am going outside to plant peppers.


Kym said...

You bring just a bit of light to my day with every post. Thank you. The world seems a little nicer.

N2 said...

So great to have this extended view of your Mother's Day celebration. Such great photos of the dear family and a wonderful list in memory of your Ma! Kisses...N2

AkasaWolfSong said...

I adore your life lessons learned and too funny this, as this is exactly what I was going to blog about today...

You are such an inspiration and I thank the All Mother for you!

Blessings on the Gentle Winds...

Ruth said...

You're a smart woman and mother.

I must say I am amazed at how fit your beloved family is with all those desserts.

The roses are lovely in every shot, almost as lovely as the smiles.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment at sync.

Annie said...

Loved this from beginning to end, Laura. The Butterscotch rose is sensational. Romance under an umbrella, sublime. Your list of ten - priceless.

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