Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Man Cat, Cookies, Chickens and L-O-V-E

Friday, they're coming over right after school.  This deems it necessary to bake cookies, and finish up the with mouse-excavation in the pantry.  I also notice that it is glaringly obvious that Friday is shopping-day, or at the very least, day-that-there-is-nothing-to-eat-around-here.  So I made "healthy!" cookies, organic everything except for those Ghirardelli chocolate chips.  Upon their arrival, I say, "would you like a cookie?  With milk for your snack?"  Thomas says, with deep thoughtfulness, "I would like a snack AND a cookie."  The contents of the 'fridge flash before my mind's eye: pickles, pickled crab apples, black intense olives, flour, rye flour, polenta (not cooked), kale, carrots, cabbage; oh, wait there are some crisp and yummy apples, and cheese.  Unfortunately, I didn't remember that in time.  So, we went straight to the cookies.

Really, it is so fun to have kid-lets in the chicken pen.  See Carmelita's eye?  She puts up with us, enjoyed all of the extra goodies, and let us hold her.  She even considered laying her egg for us, but held off and did it later, even though we checked and re-checked.

Annie never tires of hearing the story of how her Mommy found Toby on the way home from school.  She is intrigued with every little detail, and last week decided that she need need needed to come over to Nonnie's and check on him.  In her mind, the mouse in the pantry is a cat-eating rat (who knows, maybe it is), regardless of the "fact" that we caught the little thing in a nasty trap.  Toby, of course enjoys all the adoring company he gets.  He does NOT come when we call, we have to go next door, to Sandy's, where he naps on his favorite shed roof.  He then allows Sarah to carry him home, because, of course, she saved him with her chocolate cake and big heart from a life of fending for himself.

That mission was accomplished 17+ years ago!  You see, Love never goes away.  The girl just grows up, goes to New York and back, and works in a restaurant and meets her Love and makes her own home.  The Love just spreads out, includes more and more, and then, comes home for a snuggle.
Ell-oh-vee-eee, puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Pretty special, yeah.


Ruth said...

Quite special indeed. Beautiful in fact.

Just talked with my daughter on our Sunday morning chat this morning. She long long longs for a baby, and me too for a grand one. Maybe another year or two. Meantime, I'll absorb yours.

N2 said...

Very nice to see the Friday you ended up having and it looks like a very good one indeed. You are a whiz at whipping up something Sweet - Here, There, Everywhere! Kisses...N2

Anonymous said...

The portraits are illumined!

Elizabeth said...

So sweet -- and did I tell you that I met my love in a restaurant in NYC? We were both chefs in the kitchen!

pamieli said...
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pamieli said...

I have to admit... I'm hungry for a handful, not just one, a handful of those cookies. Body is relieved I live more than 5 minutes away! And the kids, even the grown one... so present... and beautiful!

Bimbimbie said...

Awwww, I can hear all that sweet love purring*!*

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