Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Day Colors

Something has happened
To my understanding of existence
That now makes my heart always full of wonder
And kindness...

As I 
Dance with
Precious life


It is starting to feel like we live in Oregon again.  Or Way Northern California:  All day gray, rain, snails everywhere, especially underfoot.  I may have crushed ten on my daily trips across the back yard, this one on the inside of the kitchen window, slowly making its way.  Seriously fascinating, except when mowing down my newly planted lettuce.


The light today, filtered through the clouds, was weirdly soothing.  People are starting to say this isn't right, rain in mid-May.  I say stop.  Let us enjoy a plumped water table, wet leaves, black soil.  It is a day to make soup, to meditate, to pray.  A day of renewal, right here in the middle of the week, hump-day.

This evening as the sun was low and under the clouds, a show began.  Layers lifted from the forest, churning in the golden rays above the valley, while evening settled in the lowland.  It's all wet, cool and filled with birdsong.   Hummingbirds careen around the feeder.  Night is here.

In gratitude I accept this Gift.


Elizabeth said...

Yes. We had rain in May down in here in Los Angeles -- strange but wonderful.

N2 said...

Your words and pictures are a wonderful evening song.
Thanks, LC! Sending kisses xxx N2

Merry ME said...

What a beautiful day and evening you've had. The temperatures in Florida have turned beastly almost overnight. I would welcome some rain to cool things off.

In gratitude, I accept this gift. What a beautiful joining together of words. I shall try to make it my new mantra.

Blessing to you and the snails!

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