Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Generous Rightness

You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing onto you.   Heraclitis

This has been a wet winter and spring.  It is as though the Goddess of the Rains is smiling upon us.  Regardless of the polar ice caps melting, the droughts in other parts of the world, right here the rains have come down in just the right sequence and amount.  No flooding.  A blessing has been bestowed, generously, without so much of a "I told you so."

Now, would it be logical or sensical to think that Mother Nature would hold anything against herSelf, her own little parts?  Today is the last day of March, 2010.  No large questions have ever been answered, wholly.  The little parts of Mother/Father Nature still consider themselves apart; separate perhaps, from the One Life which created the whole she-bang.

Change alone is unchanging.   Heraclitis

Even though the Moss and Usnea grow on the branches, grow there for years and decades, the newness sprouts.  In the sea of green spring, the walnut sends out, in unfoldment; red leaves.  I am inspired.  Here, as "my" Orioles return to my feeder, snow glistens on the hill up the river canyon, the fog shivers along the river.  It is Springtime.  The time of reflection and renewal.  Yes, even in this burgeoning, bubbling, chaotic changing, there is reflection.  Where?  Where does that red unfurling come from, look closely, there is a walnut emerging as well.

Yesterday my "Eldest" and I went North-of-Here to our favorite hot springs for soaking, and to have 90 minute massages.  This I call Heaven:  soaking in divinely hot water, smelling the sulfur, letting my eye fall upon beauty no-matter-where I look, including my first-born.  She drove, I rode with only one lapse of the "don't tell me how to drive!" rule.  It was snowing.  The sun broke through.  Things are blooming, and battered by the hailstones.  Birds are busy...(sorry for all the tense-changes!  I'm hurrying?)  Today is like yesterday, in that the weather is showing me how grandiose this Earth experience can be.  This morning looking out the window, coffee in hand, I saw the sun splash across the ridge, dance in the glistening white treetops, make them pink.

While we were in the hot pools we were blessed with showers of rain and hail.  Eating our lunch in a sunny spot on the Lodge porch, a stream of water burst through the roof above missing my potato chips by an inch.  Missed my fizzy lemonade, too.  More of the drooping daffodils were sliced and pummeled.

We laughed and talked.  We did not cry this trip, which is remarkable.  Often one or both of us, have to clear out our tear-factories.  Yesterday filled us up.  And I am so grateful:

  1. I am grateful that my heart opens wider, daily.
  2. I am grateful that every one of my children are completely, 100% their-own-Self.
  3. I am grateful for yesterday.
  4. I am grateful for today.
  5. I am grateful for this Whole, One Life.

...and when we got home this is what we found... a giant egg!



Merry ME said...

Hot springs and massages, time with a daughter,
Mother Nature and fresh eggs. Does it get any better than that?

N2 said...

Glad to see that you and D had a wonderful spa day. Me, I am lovin' this hard rain. It is great transplanting weather and only the serious gardners were out at the nurseries today. Love to you and D daughter, too.
x0 N2

Sorrow said...

Over flowing,
The bounty of nature, The blessings of the heart, Over flowing like the rain,

swallowtail said...

MerryME! Today is our Mary's 9th birthday!

N2, you were outside today??? oh. I am such a softy, only going out to get more wood! what did you buy at the nurseries?

Yes, Over flowing! Aahhh ;-)

Friko said...

a contemplation of Spring and new beginnings.
Life, nature, a miracle, day after day.

your post is a little miracle in itself, describing wondrous emotions and gentle experiences.

Bimbimbie said...

I think that must be a gratitude egg for Spring arriving over there. We've had lots of rain over our Summer and when I look back at photos taken in Nov/Dec it's hard to remember just how dry and brown it was. Now everything is lush and leaf bloated after the long refreshing drink.

Your oriels have arrived :)


Kim and Victoria said...

I love those kind of times spent with my children. And they too, seem to be 100% their own selves. Nice.

Love that huge egg! We're getting three a day now!

Bethany said...

wow, that's quite an egg.
i love your writing, it flows and glows and is just magical.
your trip sounds that way too.
i've never done anything like that, hot springs. wow.
i never knew the rest of that river quote. thank you.

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