Monday, April 5, 2010

Restoration, Renewal.

I am so fond of this little guy.  He seems to be alone, so far.  If I remember correctly, he gets here before the females.  Maybe he is supposed to be weaving a nest?  Oh, bad boy!  He plays in the hedge, and poses on the fountain, and sips his nectar.  I am thinking he had better get busy, now, or maybe he is buffing-up?

A few years ago I was really sick.  As I recovered, I watched the Ravens build their nest, and raise two raven babies.  They did not come back for two years, even though I have pined for them.  I wrote poetry about my attachment to them, I felt like they were my babies.  I must have written about that portal, and the voyage, and today I do not have the strength to go back into the archives so I don't repeat myself.   You see, I am sick again, though thankfully, it is the first time since then that I've been ill...and I think the Ravens are inspecting the tall Pine tree.

I called Toby the Acupuncturist.  He is seeing me early afternoon tomorrow.  I coughed right into his ear, apologetically, and he said, "Oh no, that just confirmed something for me.  Laura, that is involving your whole lungs."  And I have to say, he does not say this in an alarmist way, he says it very thoughtfully, in such a way that I start getting better right then and there.   And my friend N2 had just said to me, "When is your appointment, LC?"  I blurted out, "TOMORROW!!!" and hung right up and called Toby!

I told him that I had been into the halls of Kaiser three times in the past few weeks.  "Ooohhhh." he said with concern.  You see, I am one of those people who seem to know too much for my own good.  I know exactly where this "bug" made it's entrance into my body temple.

At the T-ball game a couple of weekends ago, I was standing under this tree.  I looked up to see this array of buds and blossoms breaking out in a frenzy.  "The Spring energy will do this," says Toby.  And I am so looking forward to the boost his treatment will provide.  Looking around our yards, and vineyards, the Oaks and Buckeyes, it is easy to see to which he refers.  Everything is bubbling forth, blooming, and the rain has not stopped.  We are all over-loaded with moisture!

I didn't even notice Easter!  I slept through Saturday and Easter Sunday.  And look!  I am upright now!

Blessed Be.


Anonymous said...

...and one of those Kaiser visits was to deliver me to post-op review of my new eyes. I didn't see any bugs that day, but maybe one got to you while I was in consultation with my surgeon, a magnificent doctor who gave me new vision(s). Thanks, Laura, and I hope it was not that trip that brought you down...Feel better pronto (and thank goddess for Toby the Acupuncturist)! G.

N2 said...

Glad you could sit upright long enough to write and post the oriole picture. He is a beauty. May Toby poke you in all the right places tomorrow. We want you back! x0 N2

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh, Do Feel Better...

Love your pic of your little oriole!

I know my allergies are acting up with all of the pollen in the air and can be felt in my lungs as I have been having a deep cough, watery eyes..the whole nine yards. Perhaps it is time for me to see my Chiro as he can usually knock it out of me.

Well, Godspeed to You!

Annie said...

Glad you are at least upright, Laura. I was sick for three weeks with the bug you so poetically describe here. Take it totally easy. Don't push yourself. The virus is a lulu.

Kim and Victoria said...

Well, glad you're up at least. Hope you feel better soon!

Merry ME said...

If you can see the bug entering you must be able to see it leaving. Wave it goodbye and feel better!

Bethany said...

Love your bird stories. Would love the link to the Ravens if you have time to find it.
Toby sounds amazing. Glad you have him and hope he helped.
You sound awful.
Better now maybe, since I am so late coming here?
Thanks for your blog comments. They ALWAYS delight and warm me.

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