Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poetry Contest!


First thoughts:
it isn’t even light
it was fun
I haven’t counted everybody

First Prayer:
show me, God
this day

On my first walk:
after coffee
in new sunlight

First chores:
make bed
feed dogs
wash dishes
sweep floors
feed chickens

three brown eggs

Laura Paine Carr
February, 2010

Quill Ink Productions, created a poetry contest this year, to celebrate and support our  Healdsburg Literary Laureate.  I believe it was the "first annual" writing contest, and by the response, excitement generated, and the remarkable work submitted, the suspense, and... omigoodness, I made it into the "Winner's Circle!" the gathering of friends, family members, and a whole bunch of literary folks... the announcements were made at our monthly "Literary Cafe" which meets the second Tuesday evening every single month, with open mic and a featured reader.  The MC's worked their way through "The Winner's Circle" replete with two second place winners, and it was right about here, that I thought, "Uh-oh.  They have not called me up as "honorary mention,"  I'm not tied for second,  oh no."  I became completely nerved-out.  Had to enlist deep breathing technique.  Had to get centered.  Then the Judge spoke generously about my poem, introduced me using my whole name, and then, with a delicious laugh said, "Honest!!!  I didn't know it was yours!!!"  (Truth telling here:  I love that she loved my poem, because she is an awesome poet/teacher/mentor-to-many).

So, this is my first winner-of-a-poem!  The moral to the story is:  submit your writing!  Submit to journals, magazines, everything you can think of... just, for heaven's sake, do it.

This beautiful young lady was a joy to watch yesterday.  Her energy and focus delighted me.  My granddaughter was all done with her testing, and we were enjoying the next class up, which included grown-ups as well.  I just loved watching her.

Lucky us.  We live in the way of the migrating Hummers.  They are known, on our front porch, as the Hummingpiggies.  They swill a quart of sugar-water a day, sometimes more.  Sometimes there are 8 on the feeder with another 6-8 in a squabbling holding pattern.  They crack me up every evening.

And the soft, pink Camellia is blooming.  The color almost makes a symphonic sound, it is so luscious.  The little cricket surprised me, and I think that he represents the idea of "Life is good."  Imagine living for a month in a petal pink palace.



Annie said...

Love the simplicity and purity of your poem. Congratulations on your win.

Merry ME said...

Laura Paine Carr - You Rock!!!
Congratulations on your win. I am sure it is only the beginning. Your talents are many.

Love, love, love your photos too.

Your blog is a beautiful way to start "Today".

Kim and Victoria said...

We're lucky to see one hummer a day, but we're looking forward to seeing the first one.

Congrats on your win.

Bethany said...

Congrats! Love this poem.
Love your story.
And the pics.
And the other little girl and your last line about living in a petal pink palace.

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