Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturated Saturday

I did.  I just looked at it.  Then I had to smell it.  Then I had to smell more of it.  Then it got on my face.

Buddah does a better job of watching over the drying gessoed panels.  Calm.  Nice and calm.  Doesn't care to sniff or get paint all over himself, or on his nose or belly.  Just sits there.  Meditating.


Mama and Daughter:  "Come look, Mom!  They've never been parked side by side before!"  And, of course, she's right.  They are cute.  Our Wheels.

Alice In Wonderland, below.  And, Thomas, with a Girl Scout chocolate mint cookie.  Yum yum.

We are all so proud of this one.  She regales us with stories of her adventures-in-training.  And for future reference, I know that when she is through the rigorous training, she will be who I want to find me, should I ever get lost.  Meanwhile we laugh with her as she works her way through pickles, finds all the clues by mental-telepathy (I taught her that one), and by employing her bodacious mental and sensory skills.  She is learning tracking and a bunch of other stuff that I, her Mama, have no clue about.

Sarah writes of Annie, "She wrote this one night and decided it was what she was going to sing for  the talent show, and has been singing it since.  It never changed.  We all know it and sing it around here now... Thomas could even sing it for you."
Angel, Angel in my head
Come down on me in my bed
I close my eyes and sleep real tight
Then you'll come when morning's here,
then you'll come when morning's here.

She did sing it, a cappella.  By the last line I could not breathe!  Her voice crystal clear, her confidence soaring, she just stood up there in front of her whole school and did it.  

So, that was my break!  Back to the easel, to the gesso, to the painting, breathing, and letting all those crowds of critics take a break.  This painting is a labyrinth.  Yes, I know, the last one was, too.  This is what we are doing today.  Tomorrow we may gesso over it and start anew, but today this is what we are doing.

And we are loving it!


Bethany said...

I love "this is what we're doing today." Lovely. Thanks for taking the time to write and share. Wow, your daughter is AMAZING! So impressed. And those adorable children, and the angel song. Wow.
And of course Emerson being naughty. Liked your Emerson/Buddha comparsion. You made me smile and wonder.

N2 said...

Wow! You did all that before 12 noon?! Wow!
The Alice and Angel girls are fabulous. We have a budding costumer and song writer in our midst.
Lovely to see these pictures of your day and glad to see the new painting getting birthed. x0 N2

Sorrow said...

There is an over flowing cup of radiant blessings, that shines thru the gesso smeared , life affirming small and tall.
Thank you for sharing your blessings with us..

Merry ME said...

I was wondering where you've been.
Angel song was quite beautiful. I ditto what others said. Your blessings abound.

P.S. What's wrong with painting labrynth after labrynth (maybe I should try learning to spell it!)? It seems as if they are the spiritual path you are on. Walk it. Pain it. Live it!

20th Century Woman said...

What wonderful grandchildren! What nice cars!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Friko said...

what a lovely gentle and homely post, so full of kindness, radiance, peace and loving; all attributes so very rarely found.

Bimbimbie said...

Blessings indeed, angel singing, canine painting and the knowledge that you can never get lost 'cause there's one who'll know how to track you down ...well, two if you count Emerson and you went missing after gessoing, Smiles to you*!*

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