Friday, March 26, 2010

Zoe's Quilt

Hasten slowly and you will soon reach your destination.     Milarepa

Baby Zoe's quilt in LC's studio.

Hung cleverly on LC's easel with the famous blue tape.  Two edges of invisible hem stitch to go.

LC is never far away from the Spiral of Life.

Spring babies have this to look forward to, every year, in celebration of them!

LC could not resist.  Yes.  An aphid.

Happy Day to you.
Love you tremendously.


Sorrow said...

You lead so beautifully.
Thank you for the photo's of the quilt!
looks like a great place to be snuggling~!
The gardens in your world must be spectacular...

N2 said...

It is looking so gorgeous, Zoe and parents will be thrilled. Need any help with some blanket stitching?
Love you! x0 N2

AkasaWolfSong said...

Beautiful of those you glady wrap up in! :

I absolutely love your photos...they are brilliant in color and hue and so very vivid.

Zoe will love it I'm sure...

Thanks for stopping by and many blessings!

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