Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice, Poetry,

Do I need to be doing something this morning?  Clean out the car, sweep up the eggshells that the pup pulverized?  I want coffee, have no cream: that's what I reeeeeeeeeeeelly want.  Now.Oh, that's it!  I am sewing this morning.  Sewing a little patchwork quilt.  Working up to sewing Thomas's quilt, practicing, thinking, moving things around and sweeping out the corners of the studio.  Seriously, I do need coffee, though breakfast may serve me better.  More better.
Last night my writer's group, The Scrambled Eggs, were 'featured readers' at a Salon.  Next to a warm little fire, at a beautiful podium made from a Madrone branch, with an appreciative audience, we took turns, read old and new work, were interspersed with musicians, and topped the afternoon off (by evening!) with a delicious potluck dinner.  It was fun and inspiring to witness one another, to appreciate our long-term relationships with one another and with our writing process.  It is remarkable to see and know how we have grown as writers and artists.

Do you feel it?  Can you tell that the shifting is happening?  Can you feel  the turn?  Our favorite ride, Mother Earth, is doing it:  we are not careening through space; we are on a planet, orbiting our star, guided through the Universe.  This is a sacred ride.  A blessed ride.

Yep.  Grateful.


N2 said...

Me, too! Grateful for a reading partner with great poetry who was very present. Grateful for good friend-ship, laughter and music shared. x0x0 N2

Anonymous said...

...grateful for the way you so beautifully say the words that whisper in my heart. Luna

Bethany said...

The Scrambled Eggs sounds like a great group. And the night sounds wonderful. I love love love your photo with the tangled brush and birds. I like your "more better." You made me smile. Try your coffee without cream. I dare you.

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