Monday, December 7, 2009

Pie and mountain baby and a little rambling...

After too much of this (on the way to Dev's house... blackberry/huckleberry... safe from inquiring noses, while I am picking up rolls; Wayne is guarding...),
we had to go here, and soak it off!  I love to stare at Forest Bamboo while I soak in an oh-so-nice hot, mineral bath.
Mountain sisters:  it takes more lens than I have to get closer, since I know enough to not go into their pasture...
...look who was in the grass!  The little black rock raised its head!  Of whom did this remind  me?

Yes.  I must take another picture of Emerson.  He can still zip under Luna, but that is starting to lift her off her feet!  I must say, she is not a paragon of patience, and I must also say, I totally relate.  SNARFFF!! she says, Get the hell out of my chair!   Saggies can be grumbly  if bothered after their bedtime, or before it's time to get up...

The sky is blue this morning, sure to disappoint my grandchildren who were hoping and praying for snow.  Brr.  I am too Californian (of the soft variety) to really ask for snow.  Snow is pretty in pictures, but I hate to drive in it, walk in it, or even look at it for too long, as it makes me dizzy coming down like it does.

When my girls were small, and I had to drive miles and miles and miles on frozen freeway with snow swirling in the headlights to pick them up for my "visitation."  Of course, it was required that I drive "half-way" to pick them up, which meant that I had to drive approximately 450 miles, about 200 of which were, in the winter, frozen and snowy.  I am compelled to say, that the drive was the whole way, no half about it.

One year the traffic was stopped  past Mt. Shasta, where the freeway winds up up up, the the snow coming down down down.  I put chains on my Plymouth Fury (aptly named for those years!), with adorable little noses pressed against the windows (not dogs).  We sat in the blizzard, until it quit, and the CHP sent us on our way.  Later I discovered that my brother was in the other lanes, right at the same spot, only headed the opposite direction!  

Chains!  Ha!!!  I really like snow tires.  But in my present life, I do not have or need them, and I like it that way ;-)

Over snow, I much prefer a good, feisty storm at the coast.  I like to be in a cabin/house where I can watch from the warm interior, with the option of racing out and back inside!  Yes, I am decidedly soft.  I love the sounds and smells of a storm, and I sincerely am looking forward to this one... from my living room!!!  With tea.

Now you know... I am a softie.



Merry ME said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with being a softie! A cabin near the coast listening to a storm while drinking a cup of tea sounds perfectly divine.

Bethany said...

love the pie, bamboo and cows. Esp the one imitating Emerson. No wonder you don't like snow, that drive to get your girls sounds trecherous and difficult.
Nice musings.
Here's to tea and pie and cozy inside.

N2 said...

This lovely post brought back memories of that deelisch Berry Huckleberry Pie.

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