Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Most Perfect Day

He looks like a walrus to me.  He has a nice, Italian name.  He is Top Cat at Preston Winery.
Hilary bought me coffee (and a piece of Red Velvet Cake), and fixed my camera this morning! Oh, one of the best birthday's ever!  Then I went over to check on Little Mr. Thomas, who was under the weather, who sat all hot and mooshy in my lap.  Then Skyler (my baby!) came by with his newly stitched-up finger and had tea with us.  From there, I headed home... and yes, I made a few detours.  I stopped at the little Catholic Church in Asti, and photographed Jesus, and the Rose window, and the Palm Trees and the Rosemary.  And headed home, again.  Then, I turned west, and drove over the hill to Dry Creek, winding my way out to the Preston Winery.  I love it there: the gardens and vineyards are organic and sustainably farmed.  They are restoring the riparian growth along the creek.  When I take a heavy heart out there, I walk the lane with my camera and am restored.  When I arrive happy, it just gets better.
I bought Hard Montana Winter Wheat which they grow there.  Dana offered to take me for a ride out to see the pigs and chickens, and we rode out in search of them.  We discovered that we both have Ferndale roots (I knew she looked familiar!), we found the sheep and the big white dog who is so proud of his flock (tomorrow!  I will post him tomorrow, as he deserves his own page), the garden, the new chicks... but no pigs.  Dang.  Next trip, I guess.

The light, colors, the sky getting lower and lower made for a perfect day of photography.  It's my birthday.  The biggest gift to myself is a completely unstructured day.  Wandering, meandering, stopping at a roadside veggie stand and purchasing a big butternut squash, putting the change in the jar, every breath, every turn was pure fun.  Oh, and I found the Starlings!
And now, I'm ready for bed!


Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture is great, and those whiskers. All the photos are fantastic. You really captured that cat's majesty.
Happy happy birthday. Does sound like the perfect meandering day. Cake, coffee, cats, tea, sheep, veggie stand! I love it all. Hope you slept well. Happy new year to you!!!!

grasshopper said...

Happy birthday!

The cat yawning picture is great! Those whiskers look like they are alive.

Bimbimbie said...

You had all the right ingredients for a Happy Birthday*!*

N2 said...

On one's birthday a good friend should honor you with a warm meal, a funny hat and a pretty present...Oh wait, they did =o))

xxx000 N2

Laura Paine Carr said...

It was/continues to be, a wondrous 61st!!! Yes, the best grilled cheese sandwhiches (A+'s!) and my fave...coleslaw!!! And a Christmas program, pouring down rain, a surprise at the woodpile... the blessings pour forth continuously! Oh, and phone calls from siblings, even an email!!!! Wow!

I am so grateful.

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