Friday, December 4, 2009

Right Work

Work makes me happy.This is what I and my clients see when we look out the Massage Room window!  In a few weeks, this persimmon tree fills with fat robins, woodpeckers, starlings, finches, and Cedar Waxwings... all gorging on the soupy sweet fruit.  This does make it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand, but, oh well.  

This painting is leaning up against the closet in my little studio.  I 'finished' it a couple of weeks ago, along with another one inspired by 'Nazca Lines.'    It really needs more space!!!

This greeted me this morning when I opened the door to my studio:  Bathed in the golden thick, almost winter light, they vibrate with their own energy.  They startled me.  Wow, I thought, who has been in here?

Yes, work must bring me income, as I am about as far as one can get from being independently wealthy (and in light of world-economics, I am wealthy).  I have come to a point in life where I realize that every moment is "my work."  Every moment is why I am here, on this planet, in this chair.  Just a moment ago I stood at the back gate, with a warm, brown egg in my hand, the sky over my head a pale, wispy blue, the maple tree bare, the sun in my hair warm.  Solstice approaches and we have two full moons this month.  

Blessed Be.


Annie said...

Good evening laura. What a beautiful post - so filled with glowing light, surprises in corners and the ingredients outside your window for persimmon cookies.

Your words here show that you have found true wealthy in your life and keeping it simple keeps the wealth growing.


Bethany said...

Love this post and your photos. The studio, and the who has been here feeling. Almost spiritual. But its YOU that has been there, you and whatever it is one connects to when they create. The light in the room represents that, and nature I guess and whatever you call God. Quite a capture.
Love the orange fruit out the window and your description of the birds.
Last night before I fell asleep I was in bed writing in my journal, thinking about the tattoo conversation on my blog and I drew a tattoo on my leg with a black pen and it was the same swirl as your beautiful painting.
Quite amazing for me to come here today and see such a thing.
WOW! Your work is astounding. I don't know how I found you in cyber space, but so glad I did.

Mel said...

A lovely post, I love love love persimmon trees and persimmon fruit, you are so lucky.
Your art is filled with light, so beautiful. Your swirl is my favorite icon, and I think it would make an amazing tattoo!

highlandwriter said...

beautiful artwork. and i love the picture of persimmons! havn't had those since i was a wee youngster...


Merry ME said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed your camera will be in hand when a big old fat robin feasts in the persimmon tree. I love robins! But they do not always care to be photographed - I get as close as I can and end up with a brown blob!

Sorrow said...

Holding your soul in your hand, your face towards the heavens saying the most sacred of all prayers
"thank you"
You are a blessing

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