Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I thought that girls like to dress up

My daughters liked to dress up, and as far as I know, still do.  My favorite dress-up dress was a brilliant red satin with fabulous rows of trim 1920's flapper dress.  It lived in an old trunk in Grandma Annie's shed.  My granddaughter Kaitlyn, has a whole pile of dress-up dresses, and they are to die for; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, various fairies and even a mermaid or two.  Annie has fireman attire with which she wears her tierra/Princess Crown.  Mary Alice and Rebekah dress-up every single day of every week!  No down-time for the gorgeous.

Luna and Meat Pie hate to dress up.  They would much rather eat the pretties, rip them to shreds.  Now.

Today is smokey.  Still, girls need to have fun.  Yep.


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