Sunday, July 6, 2008

another reason to get up in the morning

Not that we need a reason, per say...There are moments when being in the right place, at the right time is so apparent.  Here is one.

My little sister is 7 years my junior.  I tell her now and then, that 7 years is not all that long.  I mean think about the 7th inning stretch... it's longer than what?  And then there is the 7 year itch, which sounds pretty awful.  Of course, when I was 8 and she was 1, 7 years was quite a few. But now in 2008, the 7 years between her and me isn't all that bigga deal, right baybee?  

My main point here, is that sisters R spectacular.  My girls used to grumble about various horrible deeds of rotton sisters, and I told them over and over, "Sisters are really important! and very special people in your life... I really love my sister!"  More than once each of them would look at me through angry tears and demand, "WHO-OO is YOUR sister????"  Obviously, their sisters were more rotton than mine.

So give your sister a call today, or a hug if she is close enough.  And, now that I give it a thought, we are all sisters so line up for many hugs.  I am so glad that my sister and my niece and my daughter and her 2 daughters are all home from their fabulous vacation!


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