Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love the Coast

It is gray out here.  Soothing.  Calming.  Cozy.  Fog down to the ground.  Drizzle.  No horizon, just foreground.  The surf is pounding, rumbling, just over the cliff.  I love it here.  Wet.  Muted.  Quiet.

Summer grasses tangle with blackberry vine.  Fog gathers in creased blade.  Crystal orbs group to drip into Earth, seep back to the Ocean.  An awesome system.  In place.  Constant.  Infinite.

Ebb.  High tide slams into rock, sprays white and salty.  Crashes over black in white froth and foam.

This is not my palette.  But I am fascinated.  Movement, rushing sound.  Focusing through the lens of the camera composes a canvas, a thought.  Beneath the surface of the wave are blues, turquoise, and gray reflection from the sky, which is down to, and included in the water.  It's a poem in the making.  A page in the writing.  Love in motion.

See the little kelp?  Living right there.  Taking a daily beating.  Happily?  Perhaps:  it has it's real estate, its exercise, its nutrition.  But but but does that equal happy?  I see no ipad, no bank on the next rock, no improved kelp, no cathedral, no school, no BMW, no tears, no squabbles.  There is family.  Community.  Sharing the rock, several rocks covered with these kelpies.  I mean kelp. Kelpies is a whole 'nother subject.

Tell me.  How does happy feel to you?

Loving you.  Yes.


N2 said...

So nice to have this post from the coast. And the photos - Oh My! Glad you are storing up some gray moisture that is seeping out to the great ocean of writing. x0 N2

Elizabeth said...

N2 said it so beautifully.

I'm always happy to read you --

Kym said...

I could almost feel the damp fog. I loved this. I haven't been to the ocean to play in too long.

Anonymous said...

You do good ocean portraits! And all that gray and silence has hit your Hafez chord--it's singing in the writing and the writing about writing. Coastal life agrees with you, at least in small doses like this visit. Happy 2012! It's going to be the best year yet. Doomsday may be on the schedule for some, but I think we're here for the light's return. g.

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