Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abstract Horses, Beloveds.


Winter Coats.

She is a beautiful Paint.  Though this is her one-and-only spot.  She's what I would call "roan" but then, I don't know that much about Painted Ponies!  I do know that she is such a good Mama, and her youngster is definitely Painted, black w/white.

On the day that I took these photos I was patiently waiting for the Starlings to wing their way back around to us.  I wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing, so was pleasantly surprised to notice that however and whatever I frame-up, there will be an abstract slant to it.  Must be how I see things.

These are "the kids."  A trainer has been coming out and dressing them all up in saddles, blankets and bridles, and walking them, together, up and down the lane.  I love it.  Sometimes they are talking with him, with soft lip-smacking nickers.  I love that sound.  Obviously they are comfortable with him, which reverberates through the perfect little clip-clopping of round hooves.

These are my kids.  
Well, you know: daughter & grandkidlets.
Yes, they are impressed that she ran the marathon, early spring.

Her main fan.

A couple of my guys.

Grandpup with Beetle.


Kaitlyn!  At Uncle Skyler & Auntie Gina's wedding this past June.

Love and hugs.


N2 said...

Beautiful abstracts and family! Holding you all and Kaitlyn close to my heart. x0 N2

Merry ME said...

Gotta say I'm also impressed by the marathon runner!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Laura. So many loves, so many stories connecting.

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