Friday, December 30, 2011

Cozy Rainy Day

I am responsible for dinner tonight.  So, I've soaked the beans, and now they are simmering in the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that I borrowed.  And, I am back up here in my window seat, happy as a clam. Took a hot tub in the rain (ah, bliss).  The people are all settled in for a rainy day with books, puzzles, more books, movies I've never heard of before, yarn for knitting, books and enough food and beverages for an army.  It is quiet, and then conversation and laughter breaks out.  I have been carrying the #3 Dragon Girl book around for at least three months.  Cannot seem to get into this last one.  Maybe tomorrow?

Photography for today is on hold.  But I am burrowing into fearless Creating, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.  The format of the book is to read, then to write into the meditations/suggestions.  Oh my.  Big stuff.  This morning, about possessing an idea that you've (I've) wanted to work on for the longest time already..."The one that you're sure someone else has already done a better job with, and so reject?"  There is no (NO) good reason to reject an idea you've long harbored, he says, like he is sitting here in my window seat with me.  "Bring it back...  Dust it off.  Remember that choosing is anxiety-provoking and that the anxiety of this stage is confused mind anxiety.  Accept your confused mind... For now, just dust it off, honor it, think about it, cherish it."  Omg.  Are you kidding?  Then he says, "With a fresh (albeit confused) mind, look again at the idea that you've long wanted to pursue.  Name it again..."

Oh, Goddess!!  This gets uncomfortable.  That old idea has been shelved for, umm.  Decades.  Arggh.

Look!  My sweet, giant, restless Muse.  She is pounding in the rain.  Frothing, bubbling, roaring.  She is right there when my eyes rise from the page.  Moving, changing, ferocious, constant, ancient and completely renewed.  She doesn't honor convention (doesn't need a horizon today), she keeps her own time, she invents landscape and seascape, she destroys and starts over.  She carries nutrients, swirls with current, creates wind.

She sends her scent up and over the cliff to me.  Seaweed, surf, wet, slippery and drenching.  Come, she says.  No fear stands between you and I.  Only love.

Mmmmm.  This is getting good.


Merry ME said...

I've got to check this Eric guy out. My writing coach interviewed him recently. I thought I might be the only one who rejects ideas because they've already been done. Seriously, hasn't everything already been done? Maybe, just maybe, my twist on an old idea could be illuminating. Now that would take a lot of self-confidence to go there!

Love the window seat.

N2 said...

Funny, we were writing over here at the waterside, too. ChB, Penny and I at her house. It was only misty/drizzly here. No one sat in the window seat, but ChB did lay her "foot rocks" along it's edge =o).

I just sent you one of the poems I wrote.

Blessings! N2

Elizabeth said...

This sounds very intriguing. I'll have to look into that inspirational book and wait patiently for yours?

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