Saturday, April 17, 2010

TGIF; We're so glad you're home, and congratulations!

It Felt Love

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



The kids are home from their trip to Italy, and we are in love with all things Italian, starting with delicious pizza and a million things to put upon it.  Decidedly delicious.

When Grandma Mary Helen wakes up in the morning, and comes out to her kitchen, this is what she sees.  Imagine this out your window every morning!  Through our evening together, the clouds settled on the peak, disappeared the whole mountain, and then let her go to settle into the dusk.

Nonnie's Papa (not Gram's Papa) is coming up the driveway.  Annie is dancing... notice the stillness around her.  This is my favorite skirt, I want one.

Thomas a little shy, but excited, here comes the Papa.  The evening colors so exquisite.  The temperature warm, with cool breezes.  A moment to breathe in, and hold on for a little extra.

This is a garden to savor:  The Peonies past their prime, yet still drenched in gorgeous (yeah, I like that!).

These two seem to be having a quiet conversation.  Maybe they await tonight's snail trails and tickles?

Made their own pizzas, and ate them all.  Yum.

From left:  Mama Margo, Bride-to-be Gina, Grandma Mary Helen, Sister Lia.  Beautiful women!

(my baby boy!)
(sorry, I can't help myself!)

Beautiful ring, for a beautiful young woman... all hopes and dreams and practicality and excitement and hard work and education and determination and tender and we love you, Gina.

It is official:  We are having a wedding in June, 2011.  And we do weddings!  This is going to be really really really fun.  And we are so excited for these two.  Most likely I will be writing more on this subject, for now, I am savoring this sweet moment, these two young adults, and the wide-open future.

Congratulations, Skyler and Gina.  I love you completely.



Annie said...

What a beautiful and lively family you have, Laura. Congratulations to the young couple and all things good wished for them.

Ruth said...

Lovely people, wow. And how exciting, a wedding, and you do weddings! We do weddings too. Our daughter was married last summer on our farm. You will have so much fun.

N2 said...

Beautiful ring, happy children, loving family, radiant peonies and pizza that makes me want to eat it off the screen, even in its raw state! Me thinks you are bouncing back, LC. Yaaayy!! Happy, happy for Skyler and Gina. Love you! x0 N2

Sorrow said...

I can read the happy in your words, and see the love in your photo's. Blessings in abundance to you and yours!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful post and beautiful family you have! I just posted a little Italian thing on my own blog that you might enjoy!

Bethany said...

Oh wow, congrats. Yes, gorgeous women all!!!
And your boy, so handsome and radiant.
Loved this sweet post. The poem I needed badly and read three times. The pizza had me drooling.
This kids, so darn cute and happy.
Love to you.

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