Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Beginning, thank goodness!

Here is a new little friend whom I found a couple of days ago, on a sunny afternoon, after an emotional melt-down.  She will bring beauty and fragrance to my summer.  This is what I call good planning, and health-care.

I wanted to show you my toddler tomatoes, but since the ever-fabulous blogger-business has decided to change how one downloads photos, and it took me a little brain-bending to figure it all out (somewhat), the Purple Cherokee seedlings are somewhere else (not here).

Look carefully, and you will see my clown, the male Oriole, way up there.  They have been working on a nest on the far side of this tree, which before the leaves emerged, looked like a wad of trash tied in the topmost branches.  I hope they line it with Labrador hair, as there is plenty of it around.

Yes.  Apple blossoms:  Make me smile, think pie.

I cannot help myself, I must photograph the eggs.  How perfect can something be?  Perfect examples of possibles, from cakes to chicks.

A few short days after this photo, the Wisteria is busy making leaves.  The rain has sent the petals into the puddles. On this day, last Sunday, it was warm and the bees were buried in the blossoms.  All was abuzz and fragrant.

And here is N2's #1 Grand Baby!  He had his introduction to the Northern, Out-of-the-City family and friends, and here he is having a moment in Grand Mother's arms.  Look at those paws!

I have not had an easy couple of weeks.  While the season has changed, shedding the leafless garb of winter for the flamboyant, colorful and beguiling wardrobe of wildflowers, leaves and Orioles, I have felt out-of-the-loop, sad, demolished.

Fortunately, a tiny pin-prick of wisdom has held forth "this is temporary."  I believe this.



Kim and Victoria said...

Yes, this is all temporary, isn't it?

Lovely oriole. We never see those around here.

We're hoping our wisteria has made it through this cold, cold winter we had. No sign of it yet. *wince*

Ahhh....grandchildren......someday, perhaps.

And eggs. Love them.

Merry ME said...

Blame it on Mercury. It is in retrograde. Now I don't know what that means per se, but I have it from a good source that when Mercury starts going backwards everything goes to poo poo.

Between the bird, the plants and the baby, you are sure to be feeling springy soon. Give it time. You might just want to jump right into summer!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling -- but heartened that you realize it's only temporary. If only we didn't have to remind ourselves of that all the time --

Your photos are gorgeous, as always -- and I had the same problem yesterday with Blogger. What the hell happened overnight with them?

Sorrow said...

There are moments when I read your words, and tears well up in my eyes , and I wish you lived down the road.
I know this place, and am in this space, and wish over a cup of tea I could lean, you could lean, and we could laugh and prop each other up for just that moment....

N2 said...

Oh, Dear, Know that you are welcome down here for a cuppa' whenever the blues are gettin you. I am so glad to have your helping hand and heart in my life. Beyoutifull pictures, as always. Kisses... N2

Ruth said...

You are wise. I tell myself too, that how I feel today, I won't likely feel tomorrow or the next day.

The wisteria is incredibly beautiful, as is the baby.

Bimbimbie said...

I've a lot to catch up with, very happy that your orioles have found their way back to your garden and I'm sure they plan on delivering some perfect eggs of their own ;)

Bethany said...

Oh, demolished is NOT a good feeling. I'm glad you feel some hope. I see it in your glorious photos and beautiful words.
Sending love and sunshine.
Thank you for always visiting me just when I need to hear your voice.

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