Wednesday, February 24, 2010

True Art

When I was at the Tea Pot Shop, I found a spiral!  I maybe should go back, so I can find out the name of the shop, and purchase this handsome pot.  Imagine the minty, happy tea that could pour forth.

I do not believe that this painting is really this green.  I am considering entering it in a show called "Still Life."  I like the ethereal quality that develops when I let my eyes soften.  I am not sure if I am done with it.

I love red.  Red everything.  Especially red paint.

And extra especially, red ribbons in Mary's hair.

I will have to see what Hafiz has to say about red.  But that will come later.  Right now, evening has slipped in, the frogs next door are crazed with hollering.  Come to think of it, I believe they sang all day, too.  We had another wet storm yesterday and last night.  Leaves, flowers, bugs are popping out everywhere.  Yellow is actually what's happening, but I didn't take my camera out today.  Left it in the basket.

Hafiz says this about art:
Art is the conversation between lovers.

True art awakes the

Yes, red is the applause!


grasshopper said...

Something about your painting made think of a heart. Not a heart shape, but a beating, living heart. Don't know why. Enter it in the show!

I love the picture of the red paint.

Wet here too. It's amazing how green everything can get.

N2 said...

Like this painting, too. Was thinking that the spiral could be called "Centering", but up to You, The Artist, of course.

I'm packing and printing itineraries. I'll be missing you again.

x0x0 N2

Kim and Victoria said...

Red, red, red. I've ALWAYS loved red.

Sorrow said...

My favorite line from the movie witches with Angelica Houston " yes yes!"

Annie said...

What a sweet teapot. I hope you are able to return and buy it.

Bethany said...

yes, minty tea from the spiral pot, lovely.
I love your painting, enter it. It woke me up!
I am learning to like red.
But am not naturally drawn to it.
Love your pics and words, as always.

Elizabeth said...

Yes! We do like the same things (i.e., your comment on my blog today) -- I love that green jar and a particular color red as well. Recently I heard Mary Oliver read her poetry and talk a bit about life. She mentioned that one of the poets she is "into" right now is Hafiz!

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