Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guest today: Hafiz

  1. Open eyes.
  2. Close eyes.
  3. Take a deep, deep breath; clear to your toes.
  4. Let the breath go, just so gently, easy; let it warm your nose.
  5. Open eyes.  Notice.

I Saw Two Birds
by my friend, Hafiz

Both of our mouths
Can fit upon this flute I carry.

My music will sound
So much sweeter that way

With your breath and my breath
Poking each other in the ribs
And kissing.

I saw two birds on a limb this morning
Laughing with the sun.
They reminded me of how 
We will one day exist.

My dear,
Keep thinking about God,
Keep thinking about the Beloved
And soon our nest will be the 
Whole firmament.

Forget about all your desires for truth,
We have gone far beyond that,
For now it is just---
Pure need.

Both our hearts are meant to sing.
Both our souls are destined to touch
And kiss

Upon this holy flute
God carries.
Spring, today.


Bethany said...

Sweet. Love that poem and your photos. Esp love green tea pot with pink flowers.
Spring, yes.

Friko said...

I did nos. 1 to 5. twice. Wonderful. Outdoors even better than indoors.
Thank you.

Annie said...

what a nice blending of gentle words and soft colors.

A wildlife gardener said...

Oh! How beautiful...and how romantic ...two little love-birds :)

I tend to romanticise everything around me, so your little poem appeals to me :)

i was just telling one of my other blogging pals that i have kept every single one of my Valentine cards (and birthday, Christmas and anniversary too) given to me by my Hubbie...going to back 47 years now to when we were 17 year-old sweethearts! For, inside each is a massage of love from a normally emotionally dyslexic individual, which makes each card a present to be treasured :)

Love all the teapots...I have a few myself, gathered over a life-time :)

N2 said...

Yaayy! LC is back and Hafiz, too!! You have a wonderful affinity with this poet and the poems of his that you share with us.

Have you been visiting a teapot wonderland without me, LC?! I can only forgive you if you take me there once I am back.

x0x0 N2

Sorrow said...

As always a favorite Hafiz..( really is there one that doesn't dance in your soul?)
and such a lovely excursion to tea pot heaven.. have I ever mentioned HOW MANY tea pots I have?

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