Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stubborn as a Mule

Having no experience with a mule, I have no idea of whether or no they are stubborn.  Of course, I have had this epithet hurled at me now and again, to no avail, as of course, I am always right.

This girl looks pretty to me.  She is tall, athletic, strong and obviously very intelligent.  What would it be like to sit up there on that volatile animal?  Seriously, she looks like an explosion about to happen.

Who is this?  Imagine seeing this in the mirror every morning.  Hmmm.  Maybe I do.

Sisters.  Spirit Sisters.  Friends.  Goddesses.  Aunties.  Girls.  Female.  Fierce.  Formidable.

These mules live on a ranch near by.  At a distance they all look the same, and I was surprised to see the individual characteristics appear as they moved towards me.  I have heard that they kill dogs, coyotes, anything which appears threatening.  There may be twenty or more in the pastures.  I love their noses, and the mud all over them.

The sky is gray today, with some rain spattering around.  A friend called, headed home from the North County, he says the wind is so strong that it is bumping his truck around, and he is parked.  I believe that is the storm headed this way.  My day looks full of the usual, with a smattering of unusual.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Tobytheacupuncturist, for my sprained ankle.  He told me that my wrist is(was) still traumatized, as though I had been injured 10 minutes ago.  He told me to put consciousness there, to spend some time with myself, to write into the traumatized wrist, ask it what is going on here.

This morning I am considering this, and giving my body/spirit/mind space in which to answer.  I believe these sister mules may have something to say, if I can crack the code of silence.  Crack the code of the stare.  I have begun.



N2 said...

Glad you got treatment and advice from Toby. Is there some reason your wrist might be keeping itself from healing? Something to do with writing, peut-être?

Love the portraits of those mulegals and your musings on them.

GetBetterKisses on your wrist and ankle.
x0x0x0 N2

Merry ME said...

Wondering about why writing would be good for a hurt wrist. Wouldn't resting it gently on a pillow while you talk sweetly to it be better?

Friko said...

they'd probably laugh at the advice your acupuncturist gave you, to write into your wrist. These mules look tough and not quite sure of what to make of you.

(btw. I take the treatment from the acupuncturist but not the talk)

Bethany said...

I love their faces too.
Crack the code.
Love that.
Hope your ankle and wrist feel better soon.

Gledwood said...

Are you sure they are mules? I know a mule is a horse/donkey cross, but they look very much like ordinary horses to me.

Kim and Victoria said...

I love those mules. They look as if they have things to say.

swallowtail said...

Oh Golly!
Thank you all for checking in... my computer has been ailing. I love your thoughts on acupuncture, stubbornness(?) and mules ;-) Oh, and yes, they are mules, Gledwood... I have discovered that they are the ride of choice for many in this neck of the woods!

Elizabeth said...

I often compare myself to an old gray mare who ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be.

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