Monday, February 15, 2010


My computer was down, unhooked, transported to the shop and examined from one file to the next and so forth.  Being home alone, I wandered the halls, unsure that anyone loved me, because of course, I could not check my email or FB.  Alas, I was left to my own spinning.  So, I flew at it.

Bush after bush I wrapped with silken threads.  I crisscrossed and tangled.  I swept and dusted leaf over leaf.  I cooked nothing, because I prefer my bugs raw and kicking.

For my Valentine.

I'm back.


Merry ME said...

I am very glad to know that I was not alone in feeling great distress and abandonment because my computer died. I have taken the Oprah No Phone (in the car) Pledge but know I'd be lost if someone asked me to give up my computer. Lost and mightily depressed!

Bethany said...

What a great re-entry! Nice web.
We missed you!

grasshopper said...

Great image - spinning spinning webs.

I'd feel lost and lacking without my laptop. Are they going to let us have internet access in the nursing homes when we get there? They'll have to, right? Right?!?!

N2 said...

I am SO glad that the first thing I see about you every day is NOT "Stubborn as a Mule"!! Lovely interweaving of words and pictures. Love N2

Kim and Victoria said...

Love those webs. Wow.
Yeah, without the internet and email......who are we? ha ha ha.

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