Monday, September 21, 2009

Wake-up yellow

This morning I fall into a pool of yellow.  The sun splashes over the rooftop, the sunflowers are awake and ready.  As observer I breathe warm yellow, taste musky pollen, dream chocolate centers, remember how I got here.
Opulent.  Luxurious.  Full skirts.  Jewels.  Emerge.  Celebrate.  Tempt.  Reward.  Expect. Receive.  Enjoy.  Repeat.
Good Morning!  I love you!  
Letting my eye drift up and out the window I see this evening's light, another shade of yellow, dancing around in the cottonwood outside.  There was a fire this afternoon, East and between the sunflowers and the cottonwood, in the mountains.  Sunset will be wild, vivid.  

Noticing the Honeybees, their industry and social structure, their communication dances, how this morning they were in and about every sunflower stuffing their legs with pollen. Imagine a work environment of this sort, even if it isn't idealized or romanticized, the colors are stunning, the air fresh, the pattern centering the sunflower is nothing short of magical.  

If I were to write or draw into this pervasive yearning, it's quite probable that yellow would be found.  




Annie said...

Dear Laura, What a bright and happy post. Absolutely, it was the perfect antedote for an otherwise miserable day. And no reason for it either. It was just that kind of day. Seeing this at the end of the day opens all sorts of doors for expectations of a better day tomorrow.


N2 said...

Love that the sunflowers, which looked on their last legs in a previous post, have come back alive and drawn you and the honeybees to fall right in =o).


pamieli said...

luscious sunflowers
lens envy
and oh, those honeybees
wake me up!


Bimbimbie said...

You can't help but feel sunnier within when you look upon a yellow flower and allow the droning of the bees to mesmerise. Smiles*!*

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