Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spiritual Practice

Every single morning we do The Morning Pages.  3 of them.  Write. Writewritewrite.  And, write some more.  Sometimes it is exhausting.
Then, we read.  Uplifting, spiritual stuff.  Then we move into meditation and prayer... 
our favorite part.
Sometimes The Morning Pages take us on unexpected journeys.
This is a great way to start our (&your) day.  Gets us centered.  Grounded.  Ready for Everything.



Bimbimbie said...

Puts a whole new meaning to news hound ;)

Annie said...

Laughing outloud. Annie Bimbimbie took the words right out of my mouth. LOLOLOLOL

Merry ME said...

I know I should be looking at the dog but the pieces of the quilts where he is lying make me say more, more! Could you take a picture of the the quilt and the butterfly pillowcase and send it to me. Did you make them?


P.S. That writewritewrite stuff is getting me in trouble. Once I start, I seem unable to stop. Then, of course, nothing gets done and a certain old codger complains I'm slacking. How does one find the happy medium?

N2 said...

Love this, LC =oD Luna displays your state of mind in these pictures so well!! And that is a great little sketch you did of Dear Doggie and her spot constellations.
Love and Hugs, N2

PS to Merry ME
Writewritewrite when it flowsflowsflows _is_ the Happy Medium! =o)

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this one be signed "Luna, Guest Correspondent?" That dog has the most wonderful insights!

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