Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rings, circles, music

Plop!  Something out of the clear blue hits the water a moment before a slight pressure releases the mechanisms of the camera.  Concentric rings immediately take off on their journey from an epicenter, like earth-quakes and music.  Not like a spiral.  Yet, are these rings any less connected?
A song, written by Kaitlyn.  It appears to be a drum piece, until she sings her composition, "This one I wrote for my whole family."
The composer-ess.  Yes, we are related.  She makes a mean cup of tea, and can climb to the highest corner of the kitchen cupboard to find Nonnie the Magic Markers, which are up there because otherwise Kai(the little brother) would get them.  She offered me black tea, like I requested, and when I showed her the empty box she peered into shadows with a scowl, "We have a serious mouse problem."  
These little people are profound.  Of course they are adorable, and I love the names people have for their grand babies:  "The Slimers" one friend calls hers, always with a delighted laugh ringing through the syllables.  Within the circles I travel the babies are treasures.  My nieces and nephews have babies, my daughters all do, my close friends are adding two new ones in the coming months.  

Babies.  Brave babies.  Courageous parents.  The rings vibrating out from the center.  The surface of the pond reflecting blue.

Out at the lake this morning, a young couple was unloading their boat and piles of stuff out of the back of their small truck onto the ramp.  Two dogs romped around.  Luna and I were at the farthest point of the beach away from them.  One of their dogs, a Shepard X, tall with a blond tail arching over his back started toward us.  Oh no, this does not look good, and I threw the Luna's new-best toy as far out as I could.  I watched the young man vault down the rocks, and the dog strut-prancing closer.  I threw the toy out again, and LunaDog went after it.  All the while, as we set this rhythm, I failed to notice Dog #2 coming at us.

All components came together at once:  Big Dog, Young Man, Luna, the Toy, and the Surprise. Dog #2 was a two-ton English Bull Terrier, a girl.  She head-butted me away from Luna's toy, and dove into the water after it.  She used her considerable girth to position herself between the toy and Luna.  She took the toy!  She ran up the beach with it, certain of ownership.  "Oh no," the Young Man muttered to no one in particular, "good thing it's not a tennis ball." Quickly I realized that if it were a ball, it would disappear completely into that face, as he wrestled with her to retrieve the toy.

I have to say here, LunaDog stayed with me, sat when told, didn't even raise hackles!  (The Best Dog!) (of the moment)

I still want a puppy.  Three paintings are started.  The small quilt nears completion.  Figs ripen, purple-black, warm and heavy, more than I can use to make jam or 'Newtons.   Life is circle. Music is Life.  And while I have never heard of a mouse making off with all the tea bags, I am sure it's possible.



N2 said...

Maybe these mice have two feet instead of four? =o}...This looks like a fabulous composition. Hooraay to the songstress and to the lyrical writing of LC!
x0x0x0 N2

Sorrow said...

I have three dogs...
and they make me laugh with their antics.
They are as much my babies as my kids, though my bobbins are truly treasures , for they make me tea, and never complain about the mice in the house..
today a new member made it's way into the shack in the woods..
a little kitten, barely weaned, no mum to be found.
one more mouth to feed...
one more soft furry thing to love...
( go )
( get )
( fur baby )

Bimbimbie said...

Well, they'd be very relaxed and gentle mice if they are tea drinkers ... not like that English Bull Terror girl - hope you got an apology together with Luna's returned toy from her dad*!*

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