Monday, September 14, 2009

Early Fall Evenings with A Touch of Melancholy

My favorite colors.  Over and over and over again.
There were a bunch of bats zipping all over the place.
Looks like a galaxy in the bushes.
It has been eight and a half months since our Labrador, Meat Pie, died.  I have been very busy with my art; the painting and the writing.  I have gone North to Whidbey Island.  I pick tomatoes and fruit.  I make small delicious batches of jam using blackberries I have picked, plums, and figs.  Luna and I go to the Lake to swim and play.  Today we stopped along the back roads at a small county park where we hiked into the brush and went "off leash!"  Luna swam in the Russian River and we climbed back into the car and headed home with our groceries, books and papers.  She started whining, whined all the way to our driveway.  What is with that?  Can she read my mind?

My current obsession is with dogs.  Well, one type of dog in particular:  Labrador Retriever. Saturday as I approached the 'summer bridge' on the way into town, two Labs loped up and over the gravel embankment.  Followed by two young men.  Another Lab burst over the top of the gravel, followed by another.  Wow.  Four of them; two Yellows, a chocolate and a happy Black one.  One of the young men walks over to my window, since I have stopped and am considering getting into his truck.  His young yellow Lab jumped high enough on the door of my car to come on through.  "No!" he said.  I noticed tattooed biceps, strong arms.  "Oh, that's alright..."  It is?

Saving some face (mine, I hope) I drive off like I am going somewhere, watching them load up in my rear view mirror.  The Chocolate doesn't want to jump that high, so she sits.  The handsome young man bends to scoop her... whoa!  I almost drove over that same gravel embankment, or I should say, into it.

That really happened.

And I have been lurking online at Labrador Retriever sites.  On utube, watching puppy videos. Today the checkout girl said, "Oh, we have a Dalmation and a Lab!"  I seem to be just outside of my own reality, kind of wondering where it went.

There may be a few excellent reasons to wait on getting a new Labbie.  Right now I do not believe one of them, none of them.  I just want a puppy.  I want to cave and just go with this yearning.

I don't want to take my yearning on an artist's date.  I don't want to take her  vacuuming.  I don't want to feed her chocolate and whipped cream.  I don't want to buy her new shoes.

I want to cuddle, roll in the grass, slip in the mud, and laugh until I hurt.  Then, I want to play chase.  And last, I want to cuddle some more. 

And that's that.



N2 said...

Beautiful sky photos!
Sorry to hear you are feeling melancholy, but don't forget what a lot of dog you have to handle =0}...
x0x0x0 N2

Merry ME said...

I've been have some of those same thoughts. But I can't call them yearnings quite yet. My Lab mix is old and anxious, my Dad old and grumpy. I think a puppy would add some life and excitement to the mix. But then so would a baby! I better just learn to deal with what I have and be grateful I don't have puppy poop to clean up!

P.S. Those skies are beautiful!

Sorrow said...

~sliding in the mud~
and chasing my own tail....

Friko said...

I love your photos.
But, oh dear, you have it bad. Eight months is about long enough to mourn, it is time to adopt a new Labbie.
Go on, rescue one, I dare you. All the sad, beautifully behaved and loyal Labbies, whose owner has died or who have been abandoned like my Boris and Benno,
the y would all love to be somebody's best friend again.
Go on, do it. You know it makes sense.

Bimbimbie said...

Sounds like the world of Labs are not going to let you get away ;)

Beautiful night sky photos*!*

Fire Byrd said...

It took me 18 months to get another dog, oh boy was it worth it, even though she is a rescue dog and has taken months to settle down after being ill treated.
But she is my companion now,even if I can't walk her right now she's still sitting at my feet.
Good luck with your decision making process and the puppy when you make your mind up !!!

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