Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When the Violin (paintbrush, pen)

The violin
Can forgive the past

It starts singing.

When the violin can stop worrying
About the future

You will become
Such a drunk laughing nuisance

That God
Will then lean down
And start combing you into

When the violin can forgive
Every wound caused by

The heart starts

This is why my paintings look like they do!  Pattern, color, surprise, shadow, depth, layer upon layer of hue and shape.  By following these elements, the work is infused with spiritual gratification for me, and hopefully for the viewer as well.Maybe I need to pick myself up and take me to the Photo Store, and just pick out the lens and purchase it(them?) and bring them home.  There is one Osprey in the tree,  #2 had just flown. They had been sitting on these branches discussing things.  I was able to walk up so close, yet the photo does not show what I wanted to see!  I want to see the words they speak.  I want to see the expressions on their faces. 
They're both here.  Imagine this as your living room, piled with clouds and all that new greenery, complete with a lake full of fish for breakfastlunchandsnackanddinner.
I know these two are sisters ;-)

Starting "Walking in This World," by Julia Cameron today: adding a walk to my creative spiritual practice.  I love this work!  Our "task" this week: "What the Hell, You Might As Well"
oh goodie... I get to fill in the blank!  #6. on the list:  Send my sister the fudge recipe..., #7. Send my sister fudge.   Yes, this is going to be fun.

Creative life shows up everywhere.  Not just on the perfect canvas, or great novel, or even the whole completely crafted king-sized quilt!  Creativity is in our thoughts, and our sigh.  It is in the sounds we hear, what we make up, the smile in the car next to us at the stop light.  It is in saying, "Yes!" and moving on to chapter 5.  I am here to explore this paradise.

Yes.  Grateful.  Yes.


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Bimbimbie said...

Do the Osprey nest between those branches each year? I agree, would be a wonderful living room*!*

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