Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now, here is the question for the day:  How can one have the 'blues' on such a beeeeeyoooootiful day?  Does not make sense.  However temporary, I am not one to embrace the down.  Maybe I have some judgements?  Maybe.

I am going on a Retreat this weekend.  For contemplation before we meet, are these questions:

*So, what IS my life all about these days?
        To be willing to experience Life fully, even cloudy corners, darkened rooms, startling awareness.  To be willing to express my true response to this experience.  To enjoy Life to its magnificent fullness.  Curiosity.  Taking a risk, or twelve... see how that goes.
*What is still unlived, unfelt and unspoken?

Hmmm, raising puppies?  I may devote a whole blog-entry to this one, later, because I honestly don't know.  Unfelt...maybe winning something really big, creating a huge pile of 
money...  what would that feel like?
Unspoken...I am kind of outspoken.  Again, need to contemplate this one.

*How can I use my accumulated strengths to serve me now?

To speak from the authentic, loving place within me.  To speak from this place TO myself.  
To be kind and compassionate to the artist/writer within who is so critical sometimes.

*What hinders my forward movement?  What supports me?

My inner critic is pretty crabby sometimes, saying all sorts of negative crumbles.  My scrappy "I can do this!" is very supportive, reminding me that my willingness to move 
forward is every bit as strong, often more so, than the whiney one.

Whew.  I will work on these a little more, later.  We are going to the Lake!


Sorrow said...

Crabby? hmmm sounds more like a wee bit of the frustration monster. Questions that don't have answers do that to me.
ones that make no sense, or are not applicable.
Have fun at the lake, it's blue too.

Annie said...

Those are hard questions to face and even harder to improve upon if you don't like the answers. I could use a retreat myself. Best wishes.

Bimbimbie said...

Hope your reflection time at the retreat was beneficial. Sorrow's blue lake observation made me smile*!*

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