Saturday, May 2, 2009

Farmer's Market in the Rain

Why do you want a picture of me? Mr. Preston asks.  Because you're my hero, I don't say outloud.  Or maybe I did.  He is.  His vineyard shows up on this blog in all it's wild glory.

This is a nice man who follows me around and carries my bags.  These are Hungarian Peppers.
And these are green garlic and spring onions.  O delicious dinner upcoming!  There were not many people at the market, being rained-out, I guess.  But the mood was upbeat and all were heard to praise the rain!  


Annie said...

These remind me of the farmers' market in Mendocino, especially the last picture. I loved my couple of days there last year.

la diabla said...

Oh mom you're such a mom. As I walked into the bakery to pick up my fabulous cake on Mother's day, I realized how different Mother's day is from any other holiday. Mothers appreciate beauty. All your photos remind me of this. Your sense of order and beauty is a grand lesson in life to see, to smell, and to experience fully and wholly.
sorry for the ramble....just had to be said

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