Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy jig

No More Leaving

Some point
Your relationship
With God
Become like this:
Next time you meet Him in the forest
Or on a crowded city street

There won't be anymore
That is,
God will climb into
Your pocket.
You will simply just take

Having been out of county(I'm not in town anyway) since Wednesday, it is feeling so good to be home again.  The jingle goes through my mind, "Home again, Home again, jiggedy jig!" makes me smile, and I think, "Such truth in those words..."

This morning I went out to see how the garden was doing on its own, without me staring at it. Well!  The weeds are in power-mode.  The tomatoes are too, as are the Neighbor Beans and potatoes.  Definitely feels like being at the races.  Turning to come back in for my cup of coffee, I noticed the purple and red Sweet Peas, and my climbing "black" rose.  So I cut an armload.  I think that today this is my favorite color combination.  It means I am back home.

The Monterey Aquarium is a remarkable place.  It was full of pre-schoolers on a field trip, as were as several bus-loads of Junior High students accompanied by a legion of frazzled adults.  I inwardly grinned:  I was there by my own self(not even a dog within 200 miles that was mine). It is still an uncomfortable feeling to not be in charge, even if they were from counties far from mine.  I saw a little girl climbing into the tide-pool exhibit(open to touching, not sitting upon), I stopped and watched to make sure that she was safe... and a long-limbed dad scooped her out, dripping and flailing.  Oh!  I am here to watch the otters!   Moving right along, I did find sea otters, and river otters.  They swim around and play with their toys, so we all smile and laugh to see one circling around with a bright yellow wrench on her tummy.  Outside I was able to see the wild sea otters with their young in the kelp beds.  They moor themselves with the kelp, and the babies nurse, play and use the parents as diving boards.  It has been a life-long dream for me to see this.  This was my "Artist Date" for this week.  I was(still am) blissed-out with all that I saw.  I chose to not take my camera inside, rather to be with myself and the wonder of the place, my joy at being there, the amazing information and presentation of it all.  And I felt a little remorse at my decision when I arrived at the "Jellies," or "Floaters" exhibits.  Oh my Goodness!  They are so colorful, ethereal, magical.

That little girl in the tide-pool exhibit reminded me of my youngest son (here we go again!) whom I had left in the "charge" of his older sisters while I made a quick(ha! part of the problem) foray into the fabric store.  I was in the back room when I heard a commotion, amongst other exclamations..."Where's our Mom?  We need......"   Should I hide in the remnants?  No, there was enough concern in the raised-voices that I got there quickly to find one of the girls holding the soaking wet toddler.  "He fell IN!  He FELL in!  We caught him before he went all the way under!"  He was soaked from his head to his knees.

I was going to write something profound.  Maybe I have.  I am just so glad to be home, to do a load of laundry, take a photograph, fold the laundry, snuggle with Luna, smell my jar of roses and sweet peas, that I appreciate that it is too hot to even go outside.  The weeds get another day of freedom, and the tomatoes will pop out another handful of blossoms.  A good day to put my feet up, close my eyes, and take a nice, long, deeeeep breath!

And my traveling friend is home, too!



Sorrow said...

To market to market to buy a fat pig...
I almost had Jiggedy jig as my license plate when I moved back to VA, but it cost way to much.
I shall forever be wanting to climb into Gods pocket, do you suppose that is why little ones are for ever climbing where they are?
So happy to read your words, sitting and sipping tea, in an almost symmetry..
welcome home...

N2 said...

I heard this blog title today as I was out in the garden playing referee with the flowers. I might just have to use it too, when I can get myself to spend enough time inside to upload an entry that is...So glad you had a happy day away in Monterey. Beautiful sweet peas and roses!!! Bises from Here, N2

Peter said...

That was a funny comment you left about your Tigger coming home fatter than when he went away, it really cheered me up, thanks.

And missing for three weeks!


Bimbimbie said...

I've seen those otters (via tv) anchoring themselves amongst the kelp when they want to sleep - smart thinking. Sounds like you had a wonderful art date*!*

Sally said...

Hello Laura - Beautiful blog you've got here. And your paintings - wow! Thanks so much for your kind comment (I'm jealous that my neighbor got the orioles first!). I'm trying to get photos of the Orchard Orioles and the females now (I have to be really sneeky).

A wildlife gardener said...

To see sea otter...amazingly cute creatures :)

The work in the garden overwhelms us at times, especially in the short growing season. I never know whether I'll have time to blog or not, as there's sooo much to do :)

The sweet peas are the most beautiful colour ... aaahhh :)

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