Monday, December 1, 2008

Minutia and a loose painter

Pocket Monsters bring joy.  Someone gave the troll a haircut.String of Pearls blooming.
Mmmmmm.  This may show up as a painting.
I have been scrubbing walls, corners, and even the grate on the front of the 'fridge.  Living with dogs is a grimy affair.  Ignoring the corners does not help the situation much.  The turkey soup is simmering, cookies baked, dogs sacked out in various creative poses, one ear alert in case I pick up the fly swatter, go near the vacuum cleaner or put on the walking shoes.  The first two are reason for hiding better, the last cause for raucous milling and vocalizing.  I finished shelling the Neighbor Beans, put away 10,000 dishes and plates and bowls, too many loads of laundry, swept, and even read the label on the fire extinguisher: it was checked in June of 2000. Up to date, kind of like my paperwork.

Tonight Dev and I are going with my writer's group to listen to Mary Oliver.  I have never heard her "in person" so I am very much looking forward to this evening.  Of course, doing anything with the beautiful Dev is captivating, except walking the dogs.  They bug her.

SO, I am now going to put on the go-for-a-walk-with-the-canines shoes.  Hmmmm.  They must not know how to interpret keyboarding.  He he he.  Uh-oh.  I lied.



PS:  Click on the last photo for a treat!


Annie said...

I clicked the first picture to make it big and have been having the most fun getting a close look at all of the little surprises. SWEET.

la diabla said...

I loved showing off my shoes!

although Mary Oliver was much more captivating.

la diabla said...

excellent pictures, love the one of M.P.

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