Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

It's cold and blessedly rainy.  California is grateful for the rain and snow.  I speak for the land in this deep and dark season.  

I love the Madonna and Child:  Mother Earth vibrates so we all may live, may have this experience on The Beautiful Planet.  

Luna jumped on the living room table this evening.  Walked across and got caught and yelled at.  Jumped off.  The Nativity Creche and the Christmas Basket-thing with its lights and little silver angel on the top are still standing.  Why o why would a 70lb. dog jump on the table? Thank goodness Baby Jesus is glued down is all I can say.

You'd think that I could get lots done in these long evenings warmed by the woodstove.  Nope. I seem to have a mental/physical block to finishing 10,000 projects.  Maybe in the morning, since they have to all be done by noonish.  Maybe only 5,000 of them will be finished?




Sorrow said...

I mean this in the best possible way..
"Are you allowed to glue baby Jesus down?"
Oh my..
For the same reason the 24 # dog jumped on the table and chased the cat who was eating the butter.
In the words of my wise little women " it's what they do mum"
a most blessed holiday to you and yours!

Nessa said...

I loved that line too, about Baby Jesus being glued down. I'm going to have to remember that one!
Yesterday Lyzz's mom laughed at me because I said, "I'm really only eating so I can take my meds."

Sorrow said...

I have no way of contacting you, you do not have an email listed. SO
with that being said,I did a gift give away on my blog, and one of the recipients has asked me to give You their gift.
They are a set of books, intended for women. I have read them and they are quiet wonderful.
Can I send them to you?
would you like them? You can pass them along to your daughter when you are finished with them.
please let me know. My email is under my profile.
Thank you....

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