Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the petlets...

Actually, I prefer those laser-light thingys.
I do love this time of year.  Thinking that at any minute now, I am going to sit down and attend to the spiritual moments...  any time now!  

Today broke out all sunny and fresh!  We had breakfast and cleaned up, and decided to go to town (o brilliant!), to buy leashes to replace the ones I put in the recycling box (to be put away, ahem, later) and which are now being recycled in Marin County, and to buy socks (on sale, right?), and to buy the present I really wanted to give Mary, and calendars are 1/2 price, oh yes, so is/was the moleskin planner which I was having such a hard time finding, and we were out of cream for tomorrow's cup of coffee... 9 hours later we arrived back at our little homestead!  It is quite possible that our little after-Christmas-sale-jaunt cost more than the original jaunts did.

So now I get to set up my 2009 book, fix the addresses, sharpen up a new pencil.  Clean out something, prepare for new, fresh, never-known until now... for bigger Good, brighter Light,
a more clear Love.  Time to contemplate:  what do I choose to release in order for me to express more fully?  what holds me back?  does this still serve my Highest Good?  what is calling me?

So Good.



Bimbimbie said...

*!* Everyone ... 2 legs or 4, we are all young again at Christmas.

Enjoy your contemplations *!*

Annie said...

Annie Down Under has the right idea. We are indeed all so much younger at Christmas time. Amazing what we accomplish. Oh to retain that zest throughout the year.

We match up on one project in particular - reorganizing addresses. I have a new book thanks to my sil. Thank God for a new book. Once I get it all together I just have to make sure I don't misplace it.

Annie - North of Down Under.

laughingwolf said...

perfect :D

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