Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Bloo Luna!

Yeah, after I got used to you it's kinda fun having a Canine Saggi around.Don't chew dare!  You big lummox you.
Oh Goddess.  Do you think they'ssssssssssss EVER going to take you back?
Okay.  Just try it.  I'll knock your block off.  
What's a birthday?  Will somebody leave something besides the blender-lid on the counter?
Ms. Luna is 2 today.  She brings all sorts of joy and hilarity to our lives.  Today while I was driving out to the lake, she put her head on top of mine with a huge sigh, "How LONG does it take?"

And after the month and a half of rice, supplements and raw turkey, her belly is clear and she is not itching.  Yay.  Last night we came home pretty late, and in front of the stove on the rug, were $1000 worth of Christmas Chocolate Money aluminum wrappers and remnants of my Peruvian Llamas from the nativity creche.  No rash yet.

Imagine her peeling those wrappers off the chocolate.  We are thinking of installing a video.



Sorrow said...

I am trying to visualize the whole scene...
ya don't suppose it was the cat?
mine does a great job of getting the dogs in trouble, and then looking completely blameless!
hey check out this blog...
it's got some great stuff about dogs and food and things for upset puppy tummies!

laughingwolf said...

i'd take her to the vet... NOW!

chocolate will kill dogs, and cats :(

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