Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beginning breathing, beautiful, busy, bustling, bountiful

The first raindrops drumming, spattering, smelling so goooooood!November 4.  It is a big day, here in the land of Democracy.  A day to mark the little, powerful square on the long, purple ballet.  No voting machines here in our town.  Thank You Goddess, because I am prepared to ASK for a pencil and paper.  Yep.  That's the writer/artist in me, inherently distrustful of that which is to represent me, unless I have moved the marker to create the squiggle. 

Which brings me to Trust!  Obviously trust, to trust, trusting, trusted is something each of us are going to have to cultivate.  Maybe starting little?

A day or so ago, I heard a commentator say of Obama's lead in the polls, "...is significant.  More than enough for a "mandate"..."  The fabulous voice in my head nearly blew off the top of my skull.  One of the despicable things about the last 8 years of Republican destruction, was the whole concept of "mandate."  Winning an election is about repair, recovering, about healing and about reconstruction, about good for the whole country.  Not about a mandate for anything.

I see the fundamental change that we as US citizens face is taking responsibility.  Our work is to look lovingly and carefully at how we live our lives.  Our work is to look beyond our own comfort and bank-books, and to act for a larger good.  The bigger picture includes each one of us, as well as our neighbor (yep, even the rich one up the hill, and the one living in the brush along the river).

So now I am going to go to the lake, in between the cold showers.  Dogs don't care, so I won't either!  O Happy Day!  Mmmm-mmmm, mmmmmm-mmm, mmmmmmmm, ta ta taaaaaa!


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