Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inspiration, and I am finished, mostly!

Yellow.No name, as of this moment.
Be strong and of a good courage... for the Lord thy God, he is is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.  Deuteronomy 31:6

Every person is, as Emerson said, "dear to the heart of God."  We [can] develop an increasing consciousness that we are protected and guided in everything we do, say, or think.     

From 365 Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.  (today being Nov. 19)

A painting has cousins.  Named Poetry.  Named Writing.  Named Relations.  Named Prayer.  Named Inspired.  Named Keep Going.

Last night I put the last layers of color on the as-of-now-unamed painting.  Three of my pieces will be on stage this week through Thanksgiving at our Center for Spiritual Living.  To me this is a huge honor.  I gave myself stage fright telling my daughter how many people, and therefore eyes, were going to be seeing my work.  Late yesterday afternoon, Sandy and I lined up the paintings along the hedge and gave them a mini critique, deciding to move forward with the original plan... do not quit now!  Not yet!  Keep Going!  So I plugged in the fan, painted a layer, let it dry somewhat, painted another, watched NOVA(There is One God...), painted some more, and quit.  Sandy came over again, gave it the nod of approval and I am so grateful for artist friends/neighbors.  

I mentioned to her, "Maybe I should take my paints to goodwill, and give my brushes away."  She whirled around and said, "WHAT?"  I started to repeat, she interrupted.  "No, you have to paint.  That is all there is to it."

Sometimes I think about tossing my writing.  Burning journals(probably going to do that, regardless).  Throwing out the cookbooks.  

DEAR HEAVEN!  What a twist this little typing session has taken.  Back Off!  O foul thinking!

So.  Please say a prayer for my Luna dog.  She has(up until now) a dastardly itching, replete with a new batch of welts.  A prayer for all of us to climb back into our skins and look and experience the wonder around us.

I love you.



Sorrow said...

Did I miss something?
Why on earth would you give away your arms? your eyes? your heart?
What did I miss???

Annie said...

Two things - #1 Love the "red" painting. Is the yellow finished? (Sorry) #2 DON'T throw anything away when you are feeling so passionate about doing so. Cull and then cull again. Then pack away the remains. Then look later.

It may not change anything but it will slow things down so there are no regrets. This has been my tried and true method for many years and I actually do get rid of stuff. I always breathe more easily afterward.

la diabla said...

and you thought eating my pets was bad behavior....geesh!!!!

swallowtail said...

O! You Goddesses were just what I was needing this morning! Thank you!

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