Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rose Hips and Painting and wishing Keb' Mo would come over

I have been saving these images for a rainy day.  This is it!  Rose hippy tea, for me.

Success does not mean the accumulation of wealth, the maintenance of position, or a supremacy of power.  Success means a life free from the burden of anxiety, liberated from fear.  There is no successful life without peace or without that inner spiritual certainty that knows that the soul is on the pathway of good, forever expanding into the conscious union of God with humanity.  ...from E. Holmes, 365 Science of Mind, Nov 20

Have you ever been bopping along, maybe assuming or at least kind of thinking, that you were doing pretty great, like your ego had finally sat down for a rest, and then woke up to find that, no,  IT"S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!


Taking a long walk with my dogs, who were actually behaving marvelously, it all of a sudden occurred to me that I want somebody to buy me flowers!  Celebrate with me, celebrate ME!!!

My priorities have been established (as much as I ever prioritize...); I write, I paint, I walk the dogs, I focus on my relationships (that's everything, right?), I work, I cook and clean
(sometimes).  Oh, and I always vote.  So what's the problem?

Methinks no one notices!  So then, the 'methinks' goes on, no one cares!

Isn't it funny.  Sit on this and it turns into a time-bomb that only Keb' Mo could de-fuse. 

"...inner spiritual certainity that knows the soul is on the pathway of good..."  Today Rose Hip tea, dancing with the stereo, finishing dusting and cleaning my writing space, clean up the studio which looks like a tornado hit it (it did!), and on the way to work... poach some flowers for myself and my clients!  Celebrate!  Share the love, create some more, and share that, too.

Thanks for being here.

I love you.


laughingwolf said...

perfect... love conquers all :D

if you were closer, i'd bring flowers... or plants... or something

Sorrow said...

And why shouldn't we celebrate you??
I'd like to know?
dancing to the radio, in a clean house and funky socks with well behaved dogs..

Bimbimbie said...

*!* Keep on being you and creating and liberating some flowers along your path ... here catch this armful of zinnias *!*

Bimbimbie said...

Hello*!* ... those little mice are looking for somewhere dry - it's raining again here - no complaints from me so long as they don't try nesting amongst my magazines I have sitting in the garage at the moment*!*

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