Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You are sooo beautiful, to meeeeeeeeee

A verse from Living the Wisdom of the Tao, but first; that which delights me daily as well!Iffus is my name, and NO one else in the whole wide world has my name!
Laugh, and the world laughs with us!
Every other one, starting from the left, is my daughter!  

I love looking at my daughters and nieces and granddaughters!  Of course I love being in their presence, and looking at photos (these from last weekend's baby shower for the one in pink!). I see the familial resemblences which just make me giggle.  Yes, all you gorgeous women and girls, I love you like breath and light and Life!  All ways, every moment!

Here is what got me going this morning:

41st Verse

A great scholar hears of the Tao
and begins diligent practice.
A middling scholar hears of the Tao
and retains some and loses some.
An inferior scholar hears of the Tao
and roars with ridicule.
Without that laugh, it would not be the Tao.

So there are constructive sayings on this:
The way of illumination seems dark,
going forward seems like retreat,
the easy way seems hard,
true power seems weak,
true purity seems tarnished,
true clarity seems obscure,
the greatest art seems unsophisticated,
the greatest love seems indifferent,
the greatest wisdom seems childish.

The Tao is hidden and nameless;
the Tao alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment.

This was especially meaningful to me this morning in that I stumble now and then (ha!) into the abyss of doubt.  Oh Confessions!  Why do I even attempt writing, or submitting my writing to esteemed journals of fabulous poetry and prose?  WhyOwhy bother?  And that stuff I call painting???  Why do that?  Why not go out and do something constructive, that earns if not praise, at least lots of money?

Look at those radient, beautiful faces.  Look at the brown eyes, the wide smiles, the lost teeth. Look  at the Intelligent Life and Love emanating from each one.  Would I doubt any one of these Incredible Spirits?  No.  The answer is no, never, nada, nope.

So this morning in recognising that I indeed go forward even though it seems as though I am in reverse, I can relax and know that Lao Tzu mentions that "the greatest art seems unsophisticated"and it is said just to me.  Just me.  Right Now.

Blessings on this day.

I love you.



laughingwolf said...

beautiful ladies, all...

i sure miss my mom and sis, more each day :(

blessings to YOU, my friend... i stumble upon the way, fall off, but eventually find my feet upon the path once more :D

Nessa said...

I miss you all!

Bimbimbie said...

Keep on creating what you love and fulfills you.

All those happy faces *!*

Annie said...

What a lovely post to read just before going to bed. The photos of happy, joyful women and girls warmed my heart. My family is very small and alas, no small children (yet).

I admire that you keep writing, creating, and submitting - you are doing and not giving up. One's creative spirit can be such a rollercoaster at times. If you went out to work and earns lots of money, that spirit would dry up completely, I think.

Thank you for sharing the 41 verses. I really enjoyed them.

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