Monday, October 27, 2008

Elderberry mumblings

Elderberries in OctoberTrying my fingers out this morning:  It is cold in here.  I was up late last night with a restless dog suffering from a stomach ache, and I wonder why is it that they(dogs) do not have "Stop eating, now" programmed into their little walnut-sized brains?  Of course, who am I to even ask that question?  Hee hee hee.  We purchased a new kind of dog food to help Ms. Luna recover from belly rash, and at some point I believe that she got into the bag and helped herself.  Probably when we were watching Game 4, and all those Philly home runs, this being the first time since I was in high school that I have watched The World Series.  Hmmm.  I am ready for a new batch of commercials, was the first night, actually.  "Drinkability."  A new beer-related word, made up for the brilliant audience (noticing that I just insulted myself, or did they?)  Really.  The good news:  I now know how to press "mute" with delightful results.

I am considering writing 2000 words a day, for the month of November.  Having never set such an outrageous course for myself, I am finding it nearly impossible to do.  Today, that is. I am practicing to see if I can really do it, and maybe save some words up to use on the day that I can't type or think.  For Heaven's Sake, I do have a Life to pay attention to, is a picture really worth a thousand words?  Ha!  In that case I may download another, and I would be there already.  

It is an honorable thing to do, bringing discipline to my life.  People have reassured me, "Oh, don't worry, you are an Artist!"  Or, "You are what is known as a "Creative""  A creative what???  I want to shout in frustration.  I have been known to whine, "You don't know what it is like, being me, living in this freckled nervous wreck."

So, I am writing.  Then going for a walk and then going to work.  And today is a "cleanse day" so there is no chance that I will stick my head into a bag and eat too much.

Oh, and the Elderberries!  Aren't they gorgeous?  The tree was so full the branches hung to the ground.



Sorrow said...

Now what on earth would make you start with such a HUGE number???
well I am putting on the cheerleader costume..
( i mean it is
oh and how about some elderberry wine?

swallowtail said...

I talkalot. So 2000 seemed about right, put my pen where? Yes, a glass of elderberry wine. A project for 2009! And thank you for the cheers!

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