Sunday, October 19, 2008

an update of sorts

Wwwwyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnneee!  Oh Pleeeeeeezzzzze, let me owt for just a bit!This is what she is yearning to desturb:  Miss Kitty, having never been chased by Luna, and Rebekah, shelling Neighbor Beans.
Mary Of Utmost Concentration:  These are really pretty, Nonnie!
Which is so true!  We are a little mystified by the brown ones, as supposedly the Neighbor Beans are always speckled.  It has been hot and dry, would that affect their colors?
This is how to never give up:  Just point in the right direction, and good things all-ways do happen.  Another dog principle which pans out repeatedly.
Miss Kitty is going to her new home on Tuesday morning.  She has gained weight, is unique and pretty in a patchwork sort of way, is friendly-up-to-a-point including loving to purr and enjoying sitting in laps.  She is not crazy about little people, having bitten Mary over a small disagreement.  Rebekah seems big enough to not have to put up with this characteristic.  Miss Kitty is not afraid of dogs, at all.

Looking forward to a peaceful week, wishing you all well and blessing all the rain headed this way!



laughingwolf said...

oooooo nice pics/story... good that she has a home to go to :D

Annie said...

Looks like Miss Kitty had a happy landing and is getting a sweet new beginning. Cool!!

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