Friday, May 16, 2008


these bloom a certain ways up the hillside, yellow like the Meadow Larks' belly

well, it is rotton hot.  
just right for starting into "the hummingbird's daughter" again.  really, isn't a hot day sorta like a cold and rainy day, in that it is perfect for reading ones' brain out?  yes.  that's what I thought.
and it is starting to be summer.  grass already tall and dry, cinder.  the orchard orioles are too busy to visit the feeder, so the hummingpiggies are capitalizing.  yummmmyummmm.  the raven chicks have hatched, I saw the parents feeding them!  how remarkable is that?  I am wishing I had a very tall periscope to look in closer, though I could clearly see the youngsters being fed.  
it appears that I am very happy just staring!  what remarkable events occur all around.  
tomorrow is the last day to plant before the full moon.  perhaps the pumpkins will make it into the soil, or maybe they will go in on Thursday, the next planting day.  meanwhile I will be tying the youngster tomatoes up to their wall, and pulling out more and more of the crabgrass.  and writing.  it is time to put the "discipline" to work for me, to surrender to the desire, lean into it, dissolve into it.  yes.


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