Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ya ya....let's go to the lake

What do you think we should do this morning?  First, you need a face wash.  Then we'll decide.
Morning cuppa coffee with the lapdog revealed a plan... let's take the dogs to the lake.  It's been months since we've been there, and after too long in bed and this warm sunny morning inviting participation, find the leashes, get dressed, LOAD UP! (ya ya!), pick one, no two of Sandy's oranges and we are off!
Can you believe this place?  From here one can hear Orioles, wild turkeys, barn swallows, Canada geese, wild pigeons, osprey and this morning, we saw a Peregrine Falcon.  Mallards and Merganzers and Great Blue Herons slide into the landscape, around that bend.  This is what it looks like before we let the ladies out of the car.  
What can one say?  She's a Saggitarius.  And that just means that she throws herself into whatever is at hand.  She isn't a Labrador.  She swims like a waterfall.  Or like a Luna dog.  Not like a paddlewheeler, they were steam powered and quiet.  She churns, and splashes and chops and plunges.  She goes all the way under and comes up gasping for air.  She snorts and chokes and gags.  And she goes back for more.
See the Labbie?  She lives for this!  She knows the way "to the Lake!"  Turn here!  Now here! NO!  NOT THERE!  Hurry it up, we don't have all day!  Her swimming style is to watch where the ball falls, and then she commences.  Her brown nose is the point of an ever-widening V, she doesn't break the surface.  She just goes.  And goes.  She has gone past the geese honking and patrolling the beach.  Apparently she is not "birdy," she is "tennis bally."  Floating feathers frighten her, make her pop out of the water like there's crabs on the bottom, "Eek!"  When she was a yearling, she would go until she she'd collapse, which was frightening until we figured out to s-t-o-p before that happened.  

She's our awesome Meat Pie!

Happy Tuesday.  Here's to vibrant health, Love, and Peace.  Here's to Global Healing.  Here is to the strength, perseverance and surrender that it takes to clean up and restore ourselves and our planet.  Yep, I love you.


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