Friday, May 9, 2008

celebration in the neighhhhhhhborhood!

Here is our newest addition!  Having an early morning snack.  Mama and Babe are well and healthy, and obviously a little hungry.  Isn't this the essence of spring?
I can't get enough of them!  She is wobbley.  She is curious.  She is confident!  She is "I can do it" in the most magnificent way!

This one is for the nurse and midwife in all of us!  Birthing is a messy affair.  Joanie, the owner of this glorious pair, said that the little one "...fell out!  Mom was walking into the stall, and whoooommmp!  There she was!"  All is well, and ALL IS WELL!


N2 said...
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N2 said...

Beyoootifulll horsies!

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