Tuesday, May 13, 2008

mine, all mine

I did all the work, cleaned up the mess, so now she's all mine.  Everything is all mine.Of course, that's my projection.  This image just brought that up and out!  I remember with each of my newborns how possessive I felt, and how at times the hair on the back of my neck would ripple to attention, "Alert!  Alert!  Alert!" and a flash-judgement would appear as to the character of a person or the safety of a situation.  I remember experiencing a deep respect for my mammal-ness (yep, I made up that word).

Intuition is my connection to Spirit Within.  Listening to this voice, allowing it to come forth ego-free (Ha! Now there is a whole Bloggsworth!), allowing it its say, its observation, its judgement, its discernment.  Intuition does not argue, it presents.  Intuition does not say, "Do this!  Do that!" Intuition guides me, shows me.

So today I am grateful for this voice Within that has been ever present in my experience.  

Blessed Be!


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