Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sunny Day, Finally! and a little Hafiz.

Regardless of untold days of rain rain rain, and hungry slugs, the urge behind blooming persists.  It just cannot help itself.  Spring is in the air, in the pulse, in the stars.

While I have been slightly gloomy, matched only by gray skies and daily downpours, the blossoms have gathered.  POV today: greatly improved.

It's a blue day, missing the blue.
Sends me rummaging for Hafiz!  

If It Is Not Too Dark

Go for a walk, it it is not too dark.
Get some fresh air, try to smile.
Say something kind
To a safe-looking stranger, if one happens by.

Always exercise your heart's knowing.

You might as well attempt something real
Along this path:

Take your spouse or lover into your arms
The way you did when you first met.
Let tenderness pour from your eyes
The way the Sun gazes warmly on the earth.

Play a game with some children.
Extend yourself to a friend.
Sing a few ribald songs to your pets and plants---
Why not let them get drunk and wild!

Let's toast
Every rung we've climbed on Evolution's ladder.
Whisper, "I love you!  I love you!"
To the whole mad world.

Let's stop reading about God---
We will never understand Him.

Jump to your feet, wave your fists,
Threaten and warn the whole Universe

That your heart can no longer live
Without real love!

Yeah.  I love you.


Ms. Moon said...

By these decrees, I have had a successful day! Thank-you for this beautiful, beautiful post.

Tj and Mark said...

Sing a few ribald songs to your pets and plants---

I have been doing this. Not kidding. My poor housebound starts had been sitting gloomily looking out at the grey skies, (as have I), and I would sing and dance to keep them company. But today we all went outside for some real sun and singing was unnecessary.

Annie said...

The thing I especially like about each of these pictures, Laura, is that the heat is not terribly intense. The blossoms are blooming, the sun is shining, but, it's the gentle sunlight of an emerging spring. The glare and intensity of summer has not arrived yet.

Elizabeth said...

Wow -- I love that poem -- and the photos and your words, too. What a terrific post!

Anonymous said...

An especially beautiful Hafiz. LC. Thank you for discovering it! Love the pictures.

N2 said...

It's a Real Love poem! =o) Did you notice that? Or am I just overly focused? Either way, good list for a joyful day. x0x0 N2

Kim and Victoria said...

So refreshing to visit blogs and see visions of spring and new life.
I'm so ready.

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