Thursday, March 24, 2011


Is sodden a word?  Ha ha.  Let us say, WET.  Saturated.  Really really wet.  Our Rushing River is roaring along a quite a clip, spreading out over its whole bed.  The fuzzy thing through the middle of the photo is part of the bridge.  I am not getting out, you know I melt, to get a photo, so my driver stopped mid-span so I could get a shot.  Yes, he is a nice guy.  I am pretty done with winter, am looking forward to some nice, sunny days, so that I can fill my blog with California Poppies and Lupine and the like.  This storm after storm after storm is starting to get me down.

Up note: the studio is clean, there is a painting-in-progress on the easel, and a quilt in the sewing machine for finishing touches.  Coffee is delicious.  Catching up on reading & writing.  Prayers & Meditation.  Candles lit.  Prayers for Japan and people world-wide.  Prayers for peaceful.

Prayers.  Lots of Prayers.


As I mention nearly every Blogging, I take my dogs to Lake Sonoma weekly, sometimes 3 X week.  Seriously, I look at my gas gage and think, we can go today!  I think and do this, periodically before I check my calender, which gives me a problem or two, now and then.  Those who know me, I guess, have resigned to this "disappearing" and wait it out.  For this I am grateful.

Out there, the water speaks with calm, with liquid, with bouncing light.  Often it is mirror-slick.  Sometimes choppy with mini-breakers.  Always deep and dark under the surface, because, of course, it is a man-made lake, and waters of the Dry Creek watershed have filled valleys, canyons and all the creek beds.

I go there for fun with my dogs, to exercise for us all three.  Yet, I always find solace.  Water is a healing element.  An element necessary for Life, right up there with air.   At this juncture of my life, I am finding that I need the healing, the solace, and the solitude, whether I find these elements at the Lake, or in my meditation spot.  The world has gotten out of hand for my abilities to sort & file.  

Yes, it is time for Mary Alice's Flower to bloom!  I found a few, hiding low in the grass on the way home from the Lake.  Mary's birthday is coming up (March 31!).  Oh ouch.  She is double-digits, pre-teen, she says, oh no, Nonnie says!  She's going to be 10!  We are all scratching our proverbial heads, how did this happen?  Because of course, we clearly remember that day, when all 9 pounds 19 inches of her arrived, the cutest butterball of a baby!  She is still cute as can be, and yes, confident, determined, smart, gorgeous kid.  Named after her Gramma Mary Carmelita Paine, the famous MCP.

So that's that.  It is a wet and windy day.  I am grateful for Life.  Blessings.



N2 said...

Yes, sodden is a word and a good choice for your current situation:
sodden fields- waterlogged, soggy, saturated, boggy, swampy, miry, marshy...
Water, water everywhere! It just better not drown my wildflower seedlings!
I'm off to an evening soiree. x0x0 N2
PS - Keep that candle lit. It seems to be working!

Anonymous said...

Love the wet and hazy river pic, which captures our recent days here in rainland. I remember a few years back when others would mention that word "rain" and we hardly knew what it meant. Grayness, I find these days, heightens the colors of the world.

Merry ME said...

Sodden - that's a good word to describe me lately! I never know when or why the tears are going to start. I'm embarrassed by it when out in public yet I believe in their healing power so I don't try to stop them.

There is truly something "soulful" about being near a body of water, in the fresh air with a dog or good book by your side. In fact it sounds like just what I need.

Hope the storms bring lots of pretty flowers.

Elizabeth said...

Such a lovely post -- I've missed you!

Tj and Mark said...

Yes it is sure wet, and I am ready for sun too. I thought the photo was impressionistic with an ephemeral river running through the middle. I was a bit disappointed when you told me it was a guardrail. LOL.

Ms. Moon said...

We need some sodden-action here. It is dry as a bone but life somehow manages to continue on, thirsty and greedy for water, but beautiful, still.

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