Saturday, March 5, 2011


My new computer has all my photos from the last computer on board.  I am so impressed, and I found them tonight, so I am posting a few that impress my own self.

My work has kept me away from my "play time" on the computer.  Goodness, I've gotten so disciplined!  All this thinking, writing, organizing, revision, etc etc etc., it's enough to wear a woman out.  Ha.  I have been thinking of re-vamping the Blog, but have no clear vision of where I want to go with this.  So, not going anywhere with that in the near future.

This little guy is now 79 pounds of rambunctious.  Still cute.  No.  Handsome?

I have no idea where I took this one.  Impressive, no?  Maybe I was on the pole?  Definitely looks like a mountain adventure.

The rain is coming down.  It's cozy here, stove full of wood, and I am turning in early, just for the luxury of it.  Have a good Sunday.



Elizabeth said...

I always love your posts --

Merry ME said...

It must be spring. I've been considering a blog revamp also. Hmmm, but that's not really new for me.

What are you "working" on? A book? Oooh do tell.

Anonymous said...

Double swarm!! Looks like "doctored" photo, and it's the real thing! Exquisite...

Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sharing.

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